Ray Rice, NFC Least, Awful Eli and Roger Goodell

Make it stop, mommy...
Make it stop, mommy...
Make it stop, Mommy…

BALTIMORE, MD – Well, it certainly was not  Love in an Elevator that the entire world witnessed after TMZ released the Ray Rice knockout, recorded in the now defunct Revel Casino in Atlantic City, this past February.

While everyone knew that the little Scarlet Knight performed some form of joust on his girl (now wifey), the viewing of the actual act simply creates multiple feelings of shock and disgust. There is no place for this level of  cowardice anywhere, much less the NFL, where real men play a brutal game week in and week out.  Now it appears that  everyone in Baltimore does NOT love Raymond.

Check out my guns..
Check out my guns..

Roger Goodell has been dealt a Get Out of Jail Free card regarding his previous BS discipline of the little thug. However, he will be badgered by any reporter with footballs big enough to ask the obvious questions of WHO knew and WHO flew? (Guess the reference and win free access to MTM).

To be continued…

Now, before I say a few words about the New York Giants and Eli Manning, I will point out that my Dallas Cowpokes are a complete joke once again and are vying for the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft… With that insight into the obvious, let’s move on to the football man-crush of many of the MTM staffers: Big Blow may beat the Cowboys in that draft day race – with a totally inept game-plan on both sides of the ball.

get-out-of-jail-free-cardThe top photo of Eli checking out that scoreboard sums up what is in store for all of you BIG BLOW fans this season. That’s right… Misery loves Company!  Hey, let’s also invite those politically incorrect Washington Deadskins fans to our PITY PARTY because they really suck as well!  RG 3 looks like Super Dave Osborne behind center as he attempts to be something that he is not; a drop-back QB.

The NFC [L]East appears to belong to the hated Iggles of Killadelphia as long as Nick “Napoleon Dynamite” Fowles can stay on the field.

The NFC LEAST may be the worst division in football, now that Angry Ward’s Vikings are now back on top of the Northern Division. Time will tell. Maybe A-Dubya will address this tomorrow in his weekly column.

Now… for some US Open tennis news… Somebody won.

I’m looking forward to Rangers hockey.

Okay, Giant fans… go ahead and vent/rationalize.

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