Winning NFL Picks from Cheesy Bruin; Jets and Giants

Nurse! I need Winning NFL Picks!

NEW YORK – Things aren’t necessarily going my way as of late. Let me explain. Thursday night was the 2014 NFL season opener but I was undergoing mandatory fasting for an annual physical the following morning. That meant no beer or munchies during the game. Said examination was of the complete rubber glove variety befor the doctor tickled my prostate. Gee Zus! But it gets better; the urine sample created an image I will take to the grave. The lighted office bathroom door was ajar, so I walked in – and to my surprise – found an octogenarian male “doing the appropriate paper work,” after his output. Things can only get better, starting today, with gambling advice on the area locals. For more stellar picks, check out The Gambler’s Source any time during the season – if you want to win…  With that, here goes:

NY Jets secondary
NY Jets secondary

NEW YORK JETS -5′ (40′) Oakland Raiders
It’s not often you see five and a hook as a point spread in the NFL, as a back-door cover is looming in this contest as a result. It’s also not too often where you’ll see the Jets favored by a number this high. Gang Green has problems, but the Raiders are the Raiders and they have many more faults. If you read a recent Sunday column of mine, it was a rant on how Oakland QB Matt Schaub’s career has gone into the crapper. Thankfully for the Silver & Black, he has an elbow injury that has paved the way for rookie Derek Carr to impress the coaching staff. While the Fresno State alum will raise a few eyebrows, Rex Ryan won’t lose this game. even if The Walking Dead are patrolling the secondary for the Jets. Things are never easy for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets, and the game will be closer than it should. Defensive liabilities for both teams will keep your eyes glued to the set in this one. And if you decide during your morning coffee that you’d like to attend the game, try our friends to turn your smart phone into a ticket with no fees or taxes.
The Picks: Raiders +5′ and OVER 40’… Final Score: JETS 28, Raiders 24

DETROIT -6′ (47) New York Giants
This is the first game of the Monday Night Football doubleheader and kicks off at 7:10. I can’t even pretend to try and break this game down. Are the Giants as bad on offense as they played in the exhibition season? The running game could be a strength that Tom Coughlin leans upon to steer the ship out of the dock but if you can’t pass the ball the defense will cram the box (I’ve been flagged for this?) and makes the play of a vulnerable Eli Manning even more critical . The Lions are the same team the Dallas Cowboys have been the past decade, a .500 team with a leaky defense and a very capable offense that just doesn’t know how to win in crunch time. Jim Caldwell is an upgrade over Jim Schwartz and may tip the scales to a winning season and perhaps an NFC North Division title. I think I’ve just talked myself into a selection.
The Picks: DETROIT -6′ and OVER 47… Final Score: Lions 34, Giants 20


West Coast Craig, tomorrow.

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