NFL Picks, Giants vs Niners, Movies For Jets Fans to Watch

Not Coughlin and Fewell
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NEW YORK, NY – Rather than take to the bashing of Giants and Jets, which has become the norm here and other media outlets, the thought bubble above my head has opted for a cinematic approach in selecting a winner of today’s San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants clash at MetLife Stadium. The Jets, winners of one in a row, have the bye week to celebrate their second victory of the year and are spared continued denigration – at least for today. With that, here are Free NFL Picks, notes on the Giants vs Niners and Movies For Jets Fans to Watch.

San Francisco -4 (44) over NEW YORK GIANTS
The Hector Elizondo Category
Freebie and the Bean was an old movie I remember watching with my dad during my youth, usually on a lazy weekend afternoon and on one of the independent stations. It was one of your typical cop comedies, where partner’s styles are in deep contrast to each other. It takes place in San Francisco – think predecessor to 48 HRS. There was some decent eye candy in Loretta Swit and there are scenes shot in old Candlestick Park and some decent action for a comedy. Hector Elizondo starred in the short-lived television series spin-off but also co-starred in what I’ll call the New York equivalent of “Freebie” in the New York action film The Taking of Pelham 123. I’ll also categorize this thriller as a comedy with Walter Matthau starring amid the dripping sarcasm and cynicism of police and subway strap-hangers that can only be seen in the Big Apple.
Edge: New York

All of Adrienne
All of Adrienne

Kurt Russell Vehicles
First came Escape from New York and it’s Bay Area brethren a few years after as Big Trouble in Little China. Picking a winner among these action fantasies is a tough choice: both are John Carpenter flicks, Russell as Snake Plissken or Jack Burton, James Hong (the sorcerer) is the Asian-thespian version of Earnest Borgnine (the cabbie), “Escape” is political in nature while “Trouble” is light-hearted and over-the-top… but Adrienne Barbeau puts her breast foot forward while Kim Cattrall’s performance falls, ahem!, flat.
Edge: Even

Not Coughlin and Fewell
Coughlin and Fewell?

Mel Brooks Movies
The Producers (NY) versus High Anxiety (SF) or a green Mel Brooks against the young writer/director/actor Brooks. Can’t you see, in spite of his current football anxiety, Tom Coughlin as Max Bialystock presiding over his off-Broadway flop, the New York Giants? Zero Mostel is a great name for an offense that has yet to take traction. Today’s Coughlin has softened from his “Wintertime for Hitler” days but those days are numbered just the same. If you like spoofs, the Hitchcock-driven High Anxiety is for you but The Producers takes this one–not even close.
Edge: New York

Man’s Movies
bullittThe ladies just don’t understand when it comes to movies like Bullitt (SF) or GoodFellas (NY).  Men will watch ’em over and over again.  Cars, car chases, McQueen, DeNiro, hit-men, gangsters, etc.  The best car chase scene ever involving the pure American V8 muscle of a Ford Mustang Fastback and Dodge Charger or the best gangster-memoir.  You can’t go wrong here either way but Sundays are for gambling on football… it’s part of the Italian culture into which I was born.
Edge: New York

Today’s Blockbusters: Giants +4 and OVER 44.

Come back tomorrow for MTM’s Box Office Hunk, West Coast Craig.

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