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Together Again: Antonio Cromartie & Darrelle Revis

EL BARRIO, DE BRONX – Yours truly, Deacon Blaber, spends a healthy amount of time opining on the latest sports news. However, today I will attempt something different. Today, I will share with you the thoughts of my flock; the people I know and their thoughts on sports matters. Included in this group is the irrepressible Ma Blaber, college buddy Mike Gamble and my quasi-co-worker Mr. Burte. We will cover their thoughts on the Buffalo Bills, NYCFC and the Knicks v Lakers. But first, here are my thoughts on the NY Jets.

NY Jets: Does Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles wish he was the Jets coach in 2012? I ask because the Jets starting cornerbacks for 2015 will be the 2012 combo Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie. The pair were re-signed this week. Obviously the Jets Secondary was not up to task last season so we understand the logic… just seems a bit odd.

Buffalo Bills: Speaking of players heading to familiar settings, Percy Harvin has been wooed by the Bills and their current head coach ( and Harvin’s former coach), Rex Ryan. Bills fans are excited at the prospect of Harvin but more so Ryan. I asked my college buddy Mike Gamble, who is far less one-eyed than our own DJ Eberle. According to Mike, “The Bills have never had a big swingin’ Richard for a head coach before, so this is gonna be a fun, new experience.

NY Knicks v LA Lakers: Last year, the Stanley Cup final featured NY v LA and the NHL loved it. The 2 largest cities in America, media capitals, plus 4 overtimes in 5 games. Fast forward to earlier this week when the NY Knicks and their 12 wins went to LA to play the 17-win Lakers. I remember when LA v NY use to mean something. It wasn’t Lakers v Celtics, but the games were at least worthwhile. Not anymore.

At one of the satellite offices I work at every couple of weeks, there is an old black guy there called Mr. Burte. I love the guy because he reminds me of the grandad I never got to meet.  In his 80s, Granddad Burte has done seen it all, including action as a US soldier. He sounds like the actor Mos Def in the Chappelle Show skit, Race Draft. I asked Mr. Burte about the Knicks-Lakers game. He said, “Boy, I tell ya. Both those teams are a disgrace. Don’t know what them Knicks is doing but they should be paying people to watch them. And Kobe need to call it a career. He done messed around and stayed to long like Jordan at the Wizards. I respect his love and all but the poor boy is embarrassing himself!”

Yanks-NYCFCNew York City FC: So I go visit Ma Blaber and we have a good mother-son chat. Everytime I see her, I feel like “Simple Man” is playing in the background. Anyway, I tell her how there is now an MLS team that is playing at Yankee Stadium. She was surprised the MLS is still alive. I say how it has been around 20 years and her response was “That is nice.” She goes on, “They still aren’t better than Ghana and we’re barely that good. They beat Ghana due to some foolish play. Did you see that game where they didn’t know what to do with the ball and the keeper almost died trying to save everything?!” I asked if she thought the new team is good thing. She said, “Sure it is great but I won’t affect my life one bit because I don’t watch those games. I hope they don’t start cloging the the trains up, though.”

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, another fantastic member of the MTM staff.

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