Blaber’s Blabberings: NHL playoffs and Fan Superstitions

The Rangers found him last night
The Rangers found him last night

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Sorry for being late. The sun was in my eyes. Anway, let’s talk about these incredible NHL playoffs and Fan Superstitions today.

NHL Playoffs: Similar to how at the end of every commercial for some drug, a weird voice different from the one you had been hearing rattles off the side effects of the drug, the NHL Playoffs need to the same thing. The Rangers almost gave me a heart attack in the series against the Capitals. Every game seems riddled with agita, heartburn, nausea, anger outbursts my blood pressure rises through the roof and depending on the result, bouts of depression. Oh but if they win, there are moments of unbridled joy, excitement, loudness and restless limbs. I am speaking as a Rangers fan, but I don’t believe it is easier for any of the fans of the teams still in the race for the Stanley Cup or fans of teams eliminated from the race.

As a Rangers fan, I was thrilled to see that someone finally found Rick Nash. He had gone missing again. It was no surprise that as the playoffs began, Rick Nash seemed to no longer be part of the team. He is a good regular season guy but playoffs just aren’t his thing. Henrik (Hank) Lundquist, seems to have found his goal-tending grove again and the Rangers won handily against Tampa Bay to tie the series at 2-2. On the other side of the county, Anaheim is up 2-1 against Chicago. Besides wanting an Original 6 final and not an Expansion team in sunny places final, I am rooting for Chicago because they play defense too. It just feels like Anaheim and Tampa Bay are offensive driven teams that can wear you out. They don’t play as much grinding hockey as I like to watch. Although the tough grinding hockey leads to loads of 1 goal decided games which is probably not good for my heart.

voodoo-doll-new-york-rangersFan Superstition: I need advice from our loyal readers. My fiancée has noticed that when I don’t watch the whole game and only follow through the interweb, the Rangers win. When I do watch, the Rangers lose. What do you do as a fan? I know and believe what I do as a fan has no effect on the team when they play but, you want to do your part. Is my part not watching and supporting from a distance? I am sure she will be glad to hear that I am not watching. Her and my doctor, probably.

That is it for now, come back tomorrow for  Cheesy Bruin.

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