Glen Sather, USA Soccer, Mickelson’s Clean Money

Hey Jagr, got any gas left in the tank?

LIVINGSTON, NJ –  The End of an ERA. Or is it?  The New York Rangers announced that cigar chewing Glen Sather will relinquish his GM duties to become team President. One of his minions,  Jeff Gorton, will takeover the GM duties, which is just what Sather needs at this point. He has strapped the team’s salary cap to its limits, crippling any free agency run.  Now he can step back and play puppeteer, pulling the strings, deflecting the bullets in  Gorton’s direction.  

Hey  Jagr, got any gas left in the tank?
Hey Jagr, got any gas left in the tank?

Summing up his reign in the Big Apple, the Blueshirts made one final in fifteen years, over-payed  a cavalcade of washed up players and traded away many future stars.

USA, USA…Whether you follow the World’s Most Beautiful game or not, the USA Womens Soccer Team is bringing some good old patriotic pride into our living rooms as they take on Japan in the  World Cup Finals on Sunday.  This is a rematch of the 2011 World Cup where the USA was upset by the Japanese Kamikazes on penalty kicks after playing to a 2-2 tie in regulation and overtime.

US star midfielder and New Jersey native Carli Lloyd, has been determined to “will” this team to their first Cup title since 1999. With the likes of  goalie Hope ” Killer” Solo, this group plays with a calm confidence that should propel them to this title.  There was more physicality during their win over Germany then the Stanley Cup finals. Stay tuned. imagePerhaps Caitlyn Jenner can kick out the first ball, which he obviously has done a couple of times recently.

Phil Mickelson loves clean money. Well, apparently he has been keeping company with the same crowd as Pete Rose.  Stories of his customary wagers during the ” practice rounds” of tournaments have made more than a few Shooter McGavins uncomfortable. Let’s see if this turns into an investigation by the PGA into smiley Phil’s possible wagering on tournaments that he has played in. How easy would it be to miss an easy put at crunch time? Mickelson has actually had numerous setbacks in final rounds.  In a game ( not sport) that invented the ” Mulligan”  shanking a drive or chip is accepted as bad luck. A skilled player will miss an occasional easy put. Are those whispers in the gallery simply odds being discussed?  My take is if you are bold enough to wear those plaid pants or knickers, you would have no problem ” massaging” a ball or two to win some side cash. Tiger Woods hypothetically could be cashing in on losing and missing the cuts. To be continued…….

I'm in deep sh$t
I’m in deep sh$t

P.S…  Should perennial miserable Mets Fans boycott the games until they find some bats to compliment a competitive pitching staff? Perhaps that call to Mark Cuban is the answer.

Come back tomorrow for some more conjecture from the delusional… and Different Matt.

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