Mets, Yanks and Hard Knocks

New York, NY– “Get your New York Sports Here!” While the stock market make me nauseous with ups and downs as ominous as Six Flag’s Kingda Ka , I look for distractions in sports news.

Heading towards Labor Day brings the anticipation of Sundays with NFL  football and NHL teams gearing up for another season as Major League Baseball crowns this years Champions!
I started to realize that New York  may be climbing its way back to sports relevance.

Will the Mets beat the thirty year mark between rings?  Will there be another Subway Series?  Manufacturers of Mets gear have been working overtime in China sewing those logos onto a myriad of wears that are actually in demand again! Who cares if they fall apart (like the team) within a year. Right now, the growing pandemonium around the tri-state is exciting!

All is forgiven in Mattville. The dormant comments of Metropolitan Smack Talk are no longer silent. Hope is in the air as the Mets annihilated the Philadelphia Sillies and hold a 5.5 game lead on the second place Nationals.  The added bonus?  David Wright returns with his actual bat!  Amazing!


While Citi Field is Shake Shacking with every homer and strikeout by its dominating pitching staff, Yankee faithful are starting to sweat the fact that the Blue Jays are beginning to fly away from the tightly wound nest called the American League East.

Will A-Rod procure enough “juice” to make it to the finish? Can Mark Teixeira stay healthy enough to contribute in this run?

Wednesday’s beating by the Houston Astros certainly does not bring any calm to the over confident Yankees fans.

Dare I say that the Team from Queens looks like the winner here?

The tri-state ( sans the Knicks) has a buzz not seen in decades with the Rangers improvement, the Jets upgraded roster along with Geno Smith’s jaw opportunity to get a jump start and Big Blue expecting improvement with their offense, which will need to outscore opponents to win.  Could all this good Karma have anything to do with Small Matt’s impending nuptial? Maybe it has something to do with Donald Trump’s lead.


Hard Knocks- I know that it is edited to grab some viewers, but besides the obvious jinx of any team who allows this training camp reality series on their property, this year I have found out why someone is who I thought he was. HUH?

JJ Watt is clearly the best player in football with a dominating presence along with a will to win. Talk about great hands on a receiver. JJ was grabbing fast balls at point blank range from the football jugs  machine. He also stays late working on his skills validating that hard work pays off. He is worth every dime!

Well, that’s all I have today so chime in with your Opinions…

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