Yankees Blew It! RIP Frank Gifford

mlb_u_cashman_gb1_600St. Petersberg, Russia–So the pennant races are heating up and what happens?  Well, arrogance. That’s what happened.  Why arrogance? Because what else do you call it when the World’s most successful sports franchise (please, no Man U objections-I said sports) chooses to go into a pennant race without acquiring a bonafide #1 Starter to lead your rotation?  Yet that’s exactly what Brian Cashman and the budget conscious yet short sighted Yankees did. And this was clearly on display this past weekend as the Hosers from Toronto came south and swept Cashman’s crew. The Jays put their new toy-Ace David Price on display at The Stadium, and the result was predictable.  Price was dominant-worth the price that Toronto paid in top prospects. The same “price” that the Yankees would not pay. Not even for a front of the rotation guy like former Cy Young Winner Price.

Did Cashman think Masahiro Tanaka’s arm would heal itself? Did he think CC Sabathia would rediscover his 2007 form? How about Nathan Eovaldi? He’s 20 games under .500 for his career. Pineda? Nova? Complete malpractice by Cashman in a year in which one Pitching acquisition could have meant running away with the AL EAST by August 15th.


Oh well, at least the Mets took 4 of 6 on their Florida swing this past week. I’m just thrilled that I don’t have to watch another inning of baseball from the “Trop.” Tropicana Field is Tampa’s home stadium-an outdated dome that is easily baseball’s worst.  Watching games this weekend was painful. The place is dark and dank and depressing. The TV was dim all weekend; impossible to see the balls hit to the outfield. What a disgraceful place.

Frank Gifford should be immortalized. A great Giant. By most accounts, a fine gentleman. By all accounts-a Saint, for having taken wife Kathie Lee Gifford off the streets of Ho Chi Minh City where she scoured day care centers for qualified textile “workers” back in the 90s.  Having been born after Lindbergh’s maiden flight, I never saw Gifford play. He did go both ways on the field-no easy feat.  He was the original BMOC. Handsome, talented and athletically gifted-a sort of early model Short MattRIP Frank.


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