Greg Hardy Beat the SH”&*%^T out of a Woman; Tom Brady Gets Same Ban?

Commissioner Goodell
The Face of Goodell's NFL
The Face of Goodell’s NFL

245 Park Ave. NY, NY–I think we can all agree that this is one more hackneyed story that has been bludgeoned, beaten, and bloodied to a pulp by the “worldwide leaders.” And there are now even rumors of a split between Uber Super Model Giselle Bundchen (who-hold your thoughts for a moment-I believe is a bit overrated) and Uber Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady. I’m consciously digressing here and going with this anyway, but George Clooney and Amal (whatever her last name is?) is an even more disturbing union. More on that in a moment.

To no one’s shock, Brady followed the sage advice of his legal team and pursued his appeal of the 4 game suspension arbitrarily handed down by Herr Goodell previously.  Brady won his appeal this morning, and will NOT be suspended even one game for his role in “Deflategate.”  This all smells a bit “collusiony” with Goodell desperately trying to save face and appear competent and steadfast. But now the NFL is appealing this decision so that they can “uphold the integrity of the game” according to their statement today. I’ll wait until you’ve all stopped laughing your asses off about the NFL, and “integrity” being used in the same breath.

Commissioner Goodell
Commissioner Goodell

Brady would have taken a one game suspension and this matter would have long been dispatched.  But in spite of the NFL’s limitless resources they make lots of dumb mistakes.  This commissioner proves over and over how disconnected he is from fans, and the public in general. Goodell and the NFL got greedy for a change and Hitler’s wet dream Goodell winds up looking bad here. Humiliated even.

My take on this whole nonsense is centered around Greg Hardy. The former Carolina Panthers Defensive End nearly maimed, murdered and tortured his girlfriend and somehow managed to avoid having his initial criminal conviction upheld. This “fortuitous” turn of events led to Jerry’s Kids scooping him up for the Cowboys. For Hardy’s “offenses” Roger Goodell laid down the hammer on him. 10 game suspension-pled down to a mere 4, or the same punishment Brady was given for having his balls mishandled.

My oversimplified take (and that’s all I’m capable of anyway) is that if Hardy gets 4 games for being a legitimate threat to society and a brutal beater of women, then Brady got exactly what he deserved. No punishment. No suspension. How can you reach any other conclusion?


Oh…and Amal Clooney? Her husband is one of those insanely lucky guys with a charmed life. He could have any woman he wants. He chose Amal? Why? This is a homely woman.

WTF George?
WTF George?


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