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vikings miss vs SEAHAWKSSOUTH JOISEY – Last week’s playoff action resulted in a 2-2 mark as the sides were correct and the “totals” were Blair Walsh-off or awful; I’ll let you be the judge to accurately describe it.  Keep these splits in mind and wager accordingly on today’s Free NFL Picks.

Does travel effect world class athletes? Being cooped up inside a plane of any size and all that goes with air travel wipes the crap out of most people but shouldn’t make a lick of difference to a football player. Gamblers, however, reply affirmatively to the question as many a West Coast team falter when travelling across a few time zones for early East Coast starts. This is what faces the Seattle Seahawks today and comes after an outdoor road game in frigid single-digit conditions or just another shock to the anatomy. Suggesting the Seahawks recreate the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles in order to get to today’s venue is crazy, although a ride in Doobie’s Taxiola from team hotel to the stadium is a possibility to explore.

planes-trains-automobiles-taxi Meet_The_Matts

Football is all about execution on both sides of the ball with Head and Assistant coaches moving players around like chess pieces.  These movements are routine but the fracture of normalcy for these West Coast squads playing on our side of the continent disrupts a regular season opponent.  We’re in the NFL’s second season and the competition has been waiting refreshed and ready for Seattle as well.  The ‘Hawks have been one of the league’s more successful teams over the past three seasons but these obstacles will prove to be too much to overcome in Carolina today.  CAROLINA -2.5 over Seattle, Over 44

Not sure where I heard this but Peyton Manning is not quite ready to make this his last season. The Broncos aren’t prepared to ask him back and already there is a report Houston might be a landing spot in 2016 for the Aging Quarterback/Nationwide & Papa John’s spokesperson.  Manning never bothered me for the first umpteen years of his career but the last few, particularly from Super Bowl 48 onward, he’s been like egg shells in my scrambled eggs. It’s painful to watch a Hall of Famer in any sport not knowing when to call it a career, hanging on with deteriorating skills and physical health. Clearly not lacking money, Manning probably doesn’t know what else to do with his time other than play football. But when you can’t hit an open receiver more than fifteen yards downfield without heaving the ball as if it were a fifty-yard throw, it’s time to pack it in.

Manning throwing duck Meet_The_Matts
A quack in the armor.

This rant aside, the Broncos find themselves a prohibitive favorite as a result of injuries at several skill positions for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The point spread screams the average bettor take the points, but we’re far from average.  The biggest bet of the day is DENVER -7.5 over PittsburghUNDER 40.5 for a few bucks, too.

Come back tomorrow for Hot Cheeks – or something like that, with DJ Eberle.

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