Killing Coughlin: Classless New York Giants

eli-manning-tearsSWAMPS OF JERSEY – Now that Eli Manning’s quivering lip has subsided, let’s look back at the lack of class shown by a New York Giants organization which has been revered as First Class. 

Tom Coughlin achieved great things for a team that was fairly mediocre during his tenure. A record of 102 wins against 90 losses was actually worse than Small Matt & Big Al’s secret crush team, the Dallas Cowboys. In the same time period, Jerry’s Kids posted a 103-89 record. The point here is that Coughlin was given lemons and produced lemonade!  The Eli Gump-led Giants hoisted two Lombardi Trophies during his time in the Great Swamp of Joisey, which is as many as The Tuna, Bill Parcells and two more than every other coach for this organization during the Super Bowl Era! 

Dumb Ass
Dumb Ass

Where is your Grinding Ax going with this? This is NOT about those stinking Cowpokes! It’s about General Managers who are buying those groceries and the Chefs that cook them.

Ernie Accorsi drafted the quarterback ( Eli Manning) that would lead the team to those championships.

Current General Manager Jerry Reese took the reigns of the team in 2007. To date, his draft picks and other personnel moves have not resonated as impressive other than a couple of obvious picks. Odell Beckham Jr. may be an impressive specimen on the field but he also will get a coach fired!  Beckham’s antics and suspension helped Reese to throw Coughlin under the bus!

True desperation is the only reason why a disciplinarian coach would lapse in judgement by not benching a spoiled brat whiner such as the bleached headed receiver.

Did Coughlin supply JPP with the TNT that he blew his hand up with?  Hardly. This moron was drafted by Reese. Another talented but stupid player.


Perhaps it was time for a coaching change in the eyes of ownership. The way the Mara’s and Tisch Families allowed it to go down was pure B-Shoot!  The press conference clearly contradicted what was put out to the media on Monday. There was NO resignation. This was a clear firing. Reese proceeds to blame Coughlin for the mediocrity before he takes responsibility for the players that he chose for this mess. Let’s hope that ownership lessens the embarrassment by taking out Reese . Only then can there be fair closing of this era.

P.S… It is partially your fault, Eli!

Four Rings
Four Rings

Personally, I believe that if Tom Coughlin had been coaching in Dallas during the same time period, there may have been some hardware ( other than guns in the locker room) added to those five trophies at Valley Ranch. 

Chime in Big Blue Fans. How do you think this was handled?

And don’t forget to comeback tomorrow for… You’ll just have to wait and see.

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