Super Bowl Press Questions, Ripping our Sports Webcast

COUNTY MONMOUTH NJThere is always a bright side to a crippling blizzard. With a credo from Meet The Matts’ favorite governor – Chris Christie – to stay off the roads, there was zero guilt lounging at home watching TV. There is something to be said about emulating those who live off the rest of our tax monies. Laying around, eating bad stuff (besides all that bread, eggs and milk) and not stressing over schedules. The lone decision to be made is what to watch next. Easy right? I figured it was a great opportunity to watch the new MTM Sports Webcasts(?) from the previous days. What the funk was I watching? Was this the future?

"Hello Everybodeeee"
“Hello Everybodeeee!”

This made the local Access Channel look like 60 Minutes or The Dan Patrick ShowCan somebody tell Small Matt that he just may be the Uncle Floyd of our decade? I suppose Tall Matt was playing the part of Oogie. 

Hey, I understand that any first ” broadcast ” has some bugs, but there were more bugs than a mattress at a Motel 6 in rural Arkansas!

What a treat it was watching Fake Sandy noshing on camera, while Small Matt slurped his coffee like he was enjoying a soup dumpling at Joe’s Shanghai. To be fair, I’m not sure how great I would be under the same circumstances. It makes me think of the Honeymooners episode when Ralph & Norton were selling the Chef of the Future and Ralph froze under the pressure. “Hum-ma-na, Hum- ma-na… it can core a apple…”

Home of the soup dumpling
Home of the soup dumpling

But enough of my Siskel & Ebert shtickIt’s time for my Super Bowl Press Day Question Suggestions.

Had this entity been able to procure credentials and a Greyhound Bus ticket to the BIG GAME, here are a few questions that I would have for the participants:

Ron Rivera: Have you ever actually been on a Riverboat?”
Cam Newton: “Who is your favorite Author?”
Luke Kuechly: “How did Ohio State not recruit you?”
Josh Norman: Besides yourself, who do think is the best cornerback of all time?”
Peyton Manning: “If you lose this game, will Eli go down in history as the better quarterback?”

“Norton, what the blazes are we watching?!” “MTM Sports Webcast, Ralphie!”

DeMarcus Ware: “Are you relieved that Jerry Jones chose not to pay you?”
Gary Kubiak: “When all is said and done, which Aggie QB will have the better pro career, you or Johnny Manziel ?
Von Miller: Do you really have one of Tom Brady’s balls in your locker ?”

Chime in with your questions that you want to ask the players and come back tomorrow for Different Matt and possibly… another Sports Webcast!

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