Mercy Me, Cardinals Sin, Worst Olympics Ever, Mets Style No-Hitter

Worst Olympics Ever?

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – Well, we had yet another week of chaos in the world dominating current events. But while the Earth spins on its axis of madness, we’ll try to keep things somewhat normal – there’s irony – and try to focus on sports. Like last week, I will use music to briefly touch upon “What’s Goin’ On,” but then get right to what you came here for: Sports Talk. Today’s topics are: Mercy Mercy Me, Cardinals Sin, Mets Style No-Hitter and the Worst Olympics Ever.

Let’s start with current events…

Mercy Mercy Me:  Last week, I thought Buffalo Springfield was the right call. The way things are going, I may continue with this thing until there is a little less madness about the world, which may be a while. The song for this week is by Marvin Gaye. My Dad loved him so much he made my brother’s middle name Marvin. If everything old is new again then the chaos, anger, revolutionary years of the ’60s and ’70s are back in the 2010s. Those were interesting times, just like these times are. Mercy Mercy Me, captured all the happenings and stress of the times over a beautiful melody sung by a legend.  Take a listen…

Now for the sports…
The Mets Going Forward: On Sunday, Jacob deGrom threw a Mets Style No-Hitter. A Mets Style No-Hitter is a 1-hitter. Prior to Johan Santana’s no-hitter 5 years or so back, the Mets never had a no-no but had a record for 1-hitters.  Anyway, this was further proof that the leader of the Mets staff is the reigning Cy Young Champion. He speaks softly and carries a big arm. The Mets need to continue to rely on deGrom, “Humpty Dumpty” Colon, and Steven “Meet The Matts” Matz. They get those guys and some timely hitting and the Mets can make the playoffs. By timely hitting I just mean some small ball runs. If they can manufacture 3 runs a game, this staff can carry them the rest of the way, especially when Zack Wheeler is added to the mix. This is the only prayer the Mets have .

Cardinals Sin: Hacking It… Did you guys hear that a former Cardinals exec sentenced to prison for hacking Astros. Yup, Chris Correa, the former scouting director of the St. Louis Cardinals, was convicted and sentenced to nearly four years in prison Monday for hacking the Houston Astros’ player personnel database and email system. The idea of corporate espionage is not unusual but it is an unusual case of high-tech cheating involving two Major League Baseball clubs. Sports teams doing anything to get an edge on the field is commonplace but I’m not sure we have seen it rise to this level in the back office. This also raises questions about it happenning before and in other sports? We can only wonder. But thanks to the St. Louis Jailbirds for making in known.

The Worst Olympics ever: They haven’t even kicked off yet and we can go ahead and call the Rio Olympics the worst Olympics ever. We have Russia drug cheating, Zika virus, a mascot already killed and more. Also on that list are sub-standard facilities, sewer water for boats and high levels of unrest in the nation. I have never been so unexcited for the Olympics in my life. I thought Beijing was a joke but London brought back some excitement. This one is a hot dumpster fire waiting. But hey, at least it will be memorable.

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