Fooling Yourself: New York Mets Players and Styx Songs

thTD8KZXQNENGLISHTOWN, NJ – I’m not really sure of the marketing principle behind booking Rock ‘n Roll has-beens for post-game concerts, but that’s what happened at CitiField AFTER the AAA Padres vs Mets debacle. If you endured either, my condolences to your eyes and ears. Anyhow, band members Tommy Shaw and James Young probably swing an axe better than the Mets do with their bats these days. In homage to them, I’ll pair the Top Ten Styx Songs For The Mets, according to

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Domo arigato, Mister Bartolo
Domo arigato, Mister Bartolo

Alejandro De Aza: These definitely are The Best of Times for this outfielder who has seen his batting average skyrocket to .196. Where else can you make 5.75 million American dollars with this type production?  Song #6 on the list is one spot higher – if not two – above De Aza’s place in the batting order.

The hit Mr. Roboto translates from Japanese to English thusly: Thank you very much Mr. Robot, Until the day we meet again, Thank you very much Mr. Robot, I want to know your secret…  Mets fans should be singing, “Thank you very much Mr. Bartolo” for performing above and beyond his contract as MLB’s oldest player.  But we know a little about Bartolo Colon’s secret (wink, wink) from an August 2012 suspension for using PED’s.

david-wright-captain-americaDavid Wright: I don’t know why I poke fun at Captain America so much but Too Much Time on My Hands is what the third baseman has due to assorted physical issues that lands him on the disabled list for lengthy periods every year.


Wally Backman: Look who made the list.  Outside of Terry Collins‘ tirade after this past week’s 9-0 blowout loss to Arizona, there’s a whole lot of meh when it comes to fiery personas on the Mets.  What they have in AAA-affiliate manager Backman is a true Renegade as domestic disturbances and a DUI dot his resume.

2016 New York Mets: Those every day players that have spent time on the DL this year include Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Lagares, Justin Ruggiano, Lucas Duda, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jose Reyes, and David Wright.  Styx’s 1978 album was entitled Pieces of Eight and aptly describes this year’s Mets.

Fooling himself
Fooling himself

Matt Harvey: When you call yourself the pitching staff ace, are a .500 career hurler, and continually have arm problems then you really are Fooling Yourself.  ‘Nuff said.

Curtis Granderson & Mets Fans: The Grandy Man has struck out once in four at bats or 25% of the time and hits safely at a 23% clip.  The lead-off batter is a likely candidate to take a collar at the plate while the Blue & Orange has a 36-44 record during night games.  You find one song of the super-group’s to encapsulate both of these subjects, Blue Collar Man (Lonely Nights).

Joan Payson or Mrs. Met: Whether you’re old school or new there’s a ballad for both females, Lady.

2015 New York Mets: Everything fell magically into place during last year’s improbable run to the World Series but things have turned sour in less than a year as that ship has certainly sailed.  Come Sail Away off of the appropriately named album for last year’s team The Grand Illusion.

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