Trouble In Yankee Land, The Eagles Might Be Really Good and The New York Unicorn

Not My Girlfriend! But close.

SPANISH HARLEM – It’s great to be a sports fan at this time of year with the MLB season drawing closer to post season play and the NFL and NCAA football only beginning. (Sorry Hockey Fans nobody cares about the World Cup of Hockey). Fans are thrilled to have more content to consume. Plus, basketball is right around the corner, which has me inching closer to seeing my girlfriend miserable because the DVR will have a bunch of shows that we won’t watch. That said, this week was filled with some great sports news but of course I will only talk about my favorites and that is the Yankees, Eagles and Knicks.

Yankees – The Yankees’ chances of making the playoffs this season are looking grim. They are not yet mathematically eliminated but the past week and a half have not been kind to the Bronx Bombers. The dreaded four-game losing streak turned to five with a sweep by the hated Red Sox. The Yanks did the best they could with what they had… they exceeded expectations for a team that many left for dead after the trading deadline but eventually their flaws reared their ugly head.

Unlike most offseasons, this year will bring a lot uncertainty. There are no big name free agents that will help the Yankees become instant contenders. The best thing the team can do is sure up a bullpen that has been depleted this year and hope that Gary Sanchez (who twice homered again today to make it 19 for the season) becomes as good as the 40 plus games he’s display thus far. There is a lot to like with this team when you at the future but by no means is anything guaranteed, the players have to continue to develop and the Yankees have to get a starting pitcher or two to make it interesting.

antonio-brown-twerk_optEagles – What more can be said about Carson Wentz that hasn’t been said already? On Monday, everyone with a microphone shared their feelings about the new Eagles quarterback. Most notable were the poise and toughness Carson Wentz showed in the pocket, my favorite from Jon Gruden “The Two Handed Monster” (Man, I love that guy!). The stats for Wentz weren’t overly impressive but he excelled when the Eagles needed it.

Two wins to start the season is great if you’re an Eagles fan but let’s not act like the Browns and Bears were teams that were picked to make the Super Bowl. The Birds have played very well and have shown an improved defense from a year ago but this week they will be facing one of the best teams in the league in The Pittsburgh Steelers. That will be the true test for Wentz and though the Eagles will be playing at home, I cant help but be scared of seeing Antonio Brown twerking in the end zone at Lincoln Financial Field. Will Carson Wentz continue to amaze? Will the defense be able to contain the high octane offense of the Steelers, all good questions that will answered this weekend, stay tuned.

This Meme is Awesome!

Knicks – As we approach the beginning of training camp for the Knicks on September 27th, all I can think about is… Kristaps Porzingis. Why you ask? Because he is our future, no matter how much talk there is about the playoffs, I continue to think about what improvements we will see from the Unicorn this year. We all saw what he was capable of doing with the dunking and the outside shooting but will this be the year that he finally puts it all together to become the dominant Big Man many have forecasted. I know he is only a second year player at the tender age of 21 but he will be a focal point in this Knicks offense and much will be expected. That’s a crazy proposition when you consider how young he is but his play will help determine whether this team can be a playoff contender now and in the future.

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