The Edge of a cliff, overachieving Mets, underachieving Fitz and Bob Bradley

EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – It was another brutal week in the office.  It got ugly fast, so let’s look at some beautiful things this week. I want to look at beautiful things because when the work week is ugly, you have to work hard to find the beautiful aspects of life. I continue with my new thing a  fantastic new Song of the Week. After the “SOTW,” we will get to the talking about sports. Today’s menu is: The Edge of a cliff, overachieving Mets, underachieving Fitz and Bob Bradley.

Let’s begin with the music…

Edge of a cliff: It is tough to bounce back from a bad day. You can’t help but re-live the verbal assault of how poor you are at your job and all kinds of none work related issues. Well my friends, next time you feel that listen to some happy music. Of all the songs that get me through a tough week like get blasted via email and watching the Mets lose the wildcard game, this next song is probably my favorite get happy song of all time. Take a listen…

Now for the sports…

Overachieving Mets: The 2016 Wildcard run for the Mets must go down with Davey Johnson’s run with the the 86 Mets. Despite all of that a few things must be acknowledge. Madison Baumgartner is just a beast. He took a nap on the team bus as it traveled to the stadium, that how nervous he was. As a Mets fan what gives me hope for the future was Noah Syndergaard. He is the future number 1 of this team. He is not over the top bombastic like Matt Harvey or too soft spoke liken Jacob de Grom. The kid is not afraid to get the ball in the big game, show emotion and pitch with. If his arm wasn’t just back, he would have a had a chance to pitch longer. Everything about this kid screams I love being the man when the heat is on. The Mets will have some tough decisions to make on who to cough up money to and who to let walk. Right now for me, they must keep Syndergaard. I also said it last week that going into the season, the Mets had high expectations but as the season fell apart thanks to to worst medical team in sports history, it was an overachievement to make the wildcard. I wish they could have gone further but I am proud of the players and Terry Collins.

I have great hair!

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Now lets talk about underachieving. It is weird to call the Jets or any player underachievers since that is what they have been doing since winning Super Bowl 3. However, there was all this excitement going into this with the Jets. The had a great defense and improved running attack. All they needed to do was Ryan Fitzpatrick just be a safe pair of hands. Now we know why Buffalo fans laughed so hard, when Jets fans got excited and they Bills knocked the Jets off for the playoffs last year. That is because, Fitz is a bum. He had a career year last season, cashed in on it and is going back to being a bum. The only thing that comes out of this season is that he continues to suck and the Jets find out if Geno Smith has matured at all by finally giving him the ball.

Bob Bradley
Bob Bradley

Bob Bradley: You may not have heard but Bob Bradley got hired to coach the Swansea City Soccer team in the English Premier league. Essentially this is like a British coach getting hired in the NBA. It was a big deal and Bradley made a great introduction to the press in a two hour press conference that seem part autobiographical, part cathodic psych meeting. He said, he didn’t care if people doubted him because he was an American because “the haters will always be there.” He said current USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann had been angling for his job back in 2010 when he was a color commentator at the World Cup and more. For a full listen, check this out.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for The Man that is everywhere and nowhere, Cheesy Bruin… And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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