Still Complaining About Knicks, Russel Westbrook, Eagles, Carson Wentz, Michigan v Ohio State

SPANISH HARLEM – This Monday was a really bad day for me. My beloved Knicks and Eagles were both on TV at the same time and yet I watched them both lose at home for the first time this season. What started out as an exciting day became a miserable one very quickly.

westbrookLet’s start with the Knicks, who have had early success at home this season, facing the buzz saw that is Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder. I thought the Knickerbockers played well considering that Westbrook almost had a Triple Double by halftime and by the end of the game was averaging a Triple Double for the season (Simply Amazing). But what really hurt the orange and blue this game was the offensive rebounding from OKC. Enes Kanter and Westbrook were a terror on the boards and that nullified any chance to get back in the game.

Those are the breaks sometimes… you win some and you lose some (Unless your the 72′ Miami Dolphins). I didn’t believe the Knicks would go undefeated at home but I still hope that they continue to play with pride at Madison Square Garden. Those are the games you should win, with the fans support, it helps to have this city by your side. There is nothing like basketball in New York when the fans are behind you and the Knicks are winning; the Garden rocks like no other.

120914-3-nfl-packers-aaron-rodgers-ob-pi-vresize-1200-675-high-64Now on to my Eagles, who played the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Both teams came into the game needing a win to stay in the playoff chase but there is no way to stop Aaron Rodgers when he plays that good. He looked sharp from the onset and despite having a hamstring issue, made every throw necessary to help the Packers win. I can’t say I foresaw this but I did text a friend that this particular game scared me because Rodgers had been on fire lately.

Critics have been harsh on Carson Wentz recently, after starting the season with 3 impressive wins, he has come back down to earth and has made mistakes only a rookie could make. I expected some growing pains this season despite the surprising start because I knew their offensive talent was limited so I’m not totally disappointed in the season. I really like how the defense has played, given that the last two seasons prior, the Iggles were TERR-ible on defense. Despite their recent failures there are a couple bright spots for this season. One, you get Wentz some experience leading a team and two; you have a better defense moving forward. Add a couple of playmakers on offense via the draft and/or free agency, continue to help Wentz improve and you have a brighter future in Philly.

0388397001479646132_filepickerOn a side note, my favorite college football team in Michigan lost to the hated Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday. I won’t sit here and review the game for you but in short, they had the game in hand and lost control because of turnovers and mistakes (by the Refs!) Jim Harbaugh clearly didn’t do himself any favors with his outburst but you can understand the emotion and passion that goes into this series.

Captain Comeback can seem like a jerk but he is the jerk you love when he is on your side and I couldn’t be prouder at how he has brought this program back to prominence. Now his team is on the outside looking in for the College Football Playoffs at (BCS Ranked) number 5 and will need a team like Clemson or Washington to lose a game to get back into the chase. The odds are slim but this is college football and at this time of year, anything is possible!


Knicks win last night in Minnesota 106-104 with a big game from Porzin-God! And a huge shot from Melo to win the game! I won’t talk about losing a 17-point lead in the 4th quarter because we won!

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