Yanks Look Really Good, Pittsburgh Steelers Pony Up, Kevin Durant Gives Golden State Big Scare!

All smiles so far this Spring Training

SPANISH HARLEM, NY –The New York Yankees started playing exhibition games last weekend. So far so good.  It’s given fans – like me –  hope the team made the right decision to go forward with the youth movement. Elsewhere,  Antonio Brown is in the news again… but for all the right reasons. Finally, will Kevin Durant’s injury shift the balance of power in the Western Conference?

Rebuilding doesn’t mean you have to Lose!

The Bronx Bombers are trending in the right direction this spring. Not only have their young pitchers played great recently but the young hitters are excelling as well. Relax. I know the numbers don’t matter yet… but it’s always a good sign when the manager is excited about what he is getting from his young team. Joe Girardi has seen players like Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird and Aaron Judge produce to date, which shows the potential of their lineup – if every player can live up to their respective expectations. It’s important for a young team to play well early because baseball can be a humbling sport. This is not a veteran team where you know what you can expect, even if they come out stumbling out the gate. You want to see positive results early and often to provide these players with the confidence they will need going into the regular season.

Antonio Brown just got paid!

I’m rich B*#ch!

The Pittsburgh Steelers stand-out player just signed one of the richest contract extensions ever for a Wide Receiver… and boy does he deserve it. I don’t think there is a better player in the NFL, period! This kid can run and catch with the best of them and that includes players already in the Hall of Fame. The last guy I felt was that special was Randy Moss and Brown is a full six inches shorter, so what he has accomplished is truly extraordinary. Add in his touchdown celebrations and he might be the most exciting player to watch in all of sports. Some may say he is a selfish teammate and likes attention too much but when you play as well as he does, nobody really cares. Just look back to the playoffs when Mike Tomlin stated that players like Brown get traded or released for antics like his and what do the Steelers do… they make him richer!

Kevin Durant’s Injury and what it means for them today

I heard the breaking news yesterday morning listening to sports radio while on the crapper. It got me thinking… Will this injury really hurt Angry Ward’s Golden State Warriors? Not in the short term. I know Kevin Durant is considered one of the 3 best players in the game today but… Will the Warriors go into a tailspin because he is out of the lineup? I don’t think so and I’m sure the aforementioned Angry One is worried because the words  “out indefinitely” may make him cringe. Deep down, though, he knows better. They still have their Big Three in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to carry them for the next 4 weeks and barring any setbacks, they will be at full strength come playoff time. I see them barreling through the Western Conference, as do many others. If Durant’s injury keeps him out the playoffs, I still think the Warriors have enough to win the NBA Championship. Some will mention their depleted bench because of the Durant signing, but starters play big minutes in the playoffs and I’m sure their Big Three will be up to the task.

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