NY Rangers vs Senators, Mets DL vs Medical Staff, NBA Playoffs vs Who Cares?

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If I don’t choke, my NY Rangers…

EL BARRIO, EL BRONX – Can it really be a comeback, if you never left? Well I think not, especially as I am Pinch-Hit Matt and going weeks without being called is part of the job description. Alas, I have been called off the bench to be beaten, shaken and dusted off like and old pair of cleats. As such, I will stick to my tried and true formula the kids in the orphanages everywhere have come to love: a Song of the Week before getting to the Sports Stuff. The Sports stuff this week will be about the NY Rangers v Senators, Mets DL and Physio Team & NBA Playoffs.

Song of the Week: I have been deep into podcasts and all things politics for a while, so I haven’t been listening to music. However, as the debate rages over climate change and the role of the EPA, I couldn’t help but think of a particular song after it was brought. The song is by the quintessential American band, The Eagles… The Song, and it is a long one, is called The Last Resort. It is well worth listening too.


Rangers v Senators:¬†This series will be a 6-game win for the Blueshirts. They spotted Ottawans a two game lead but there is no way anybody watching this series doesn’t see the Rangers as the better team. If Alain Vigneault hadn’t had his head up his butt the first two and kept Brady Skjei and Brendan Smith off the ice late in the third period of the first two games, this series would be over. In the 4 games there have been 255 minutes (4 games at 60 minutes and 3 OTs) played the New Yorkers have been equal or the better side in 230 of those minutes. The final minutes of Game 4 at Madison Square Garden saw the Senators get physical and start a small skirmish. You hosers don’t want it, eh! Is what the Rangers should have told them. A couple of penalties happen but we still know the reason is because the Senators were being out classed. Rangers take the next two games, take it to the bank.

JG Clancy

Mets DL and Physio Team: Holy Infirmary Ward Batman! The wing adjacent to the Angry Ward, or the Mets DL, is now down to 7 from 9. At 9 it was tied with JG Clancy’s A’s for the longest in baseball. I know the Wilpon’s are notoriously cheap but GUY!! This is no way for a franchise to function. Clear out every person on the Physio staff and get some new people in. It is ridiculous how often a player gets hurt and is on the DL and the physio team is surprised by that injury. I literally don’t know what more to add than that.

NBA Playoffs: I really don’t have an idea of what is happening and I don’t care that much. I heard Tony Parker in the twilight of his career just picked up a season ending injury. Sorry for the guy and I hope he comes back for his 17th season next year. Overall, it appears that Russell Westbrook’s Triple double average didn’t mean much against the Rockets and I am disappointed the LA Clippers couldn’t get past the Utah Jazz. Boston is the worst one seed ever and I can’t wait for them to be lit up by Cleveland. It will be Cleveland and Golden State once again, just you wait.

More of Oakland A’s fan JG Clancy… Clean-shaven and in skirt.

That is it for now, you can also find us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber, @MeetTheMatts & @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram – @MeetTheMatts – and Facebook Meet The Matts. And come back tomorrow for either¬† Grinding Ax Walter Hynes, who is hungover from being at last night’s Rangers win, or a “vacationing” Cam James.

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