Final Word on NBA Finals, Kevin Durant Rumors, Unsung Yankees Heroes So Far

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – On Monday the Golden State Warriors closed out the NBA Finals series 4 games to 1 to finish off Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. To say that many fans were disappointed in this series would be an understatement. That’s not to say that people didn’t think the Warriors would win, just that we expected better from the Cavs. Golden State went into the NBA finals as the heavy favorites and they showed the world why they are the premiere team in the league. As we saw, no one stood a chance against the Warriors, not even the best player in world could do anything to stop them.

Many fans, me included criticized the decision of Kevin Durant to join the Warriors, a team who broke the NBA record for wins in a single season without him. I didn’t like the move personally because I really felt that OKC had a chance to contend with Durant, maybe even beat the Warriors, as they almost did when they were up 3 to 1 before losing in the Western Conference finals in 2016. As a fan, I like rooting for the underdog, especially in this day and age where every team is looking to build the next super team. Yet, for some reason I really felt happy for Durant when he finally won his first championship. You aren’t given anything, you have to earn the things you want and even though Durant picked a great team to play for, he earned his ring. He was awesome when it mattered and won MVP of the Finals, thus becoming the best player on the best team in the world. Say what you want about him but you can’t say he isn’t a champion anymore.

So much for that video’s cover photo!

Now on to the New York Yankees… As they continue to win with such a young roster, there are Yanks who have been here before the youth movement but have gone under the radar. Aaron Judge has dominated the spotlight and rightfully so but this seems to be a more complete team than initially advertised. Unsung heroes like Didi Gregorius, who is as hot as they come and pitcher, C.C. Sabathia, who is turning back the clock, are easy to forget because this team feels so new. Us fans have gotten excited hearing about prospects like Gleyber Torres and Clint Frazier even though Starlin Castro and Brett Gardner continue to have their best seasons in the Major Leagues. I’m one who has had a love/hate relationship with Gardner but even I have to admit he is a big reason the Yankees are playing so well.

This Yankee team’s depth has shown to be its greatest strength and helped them stay in 1st place even when injuries hit Aroldis Chapman and Greg Bird earlier this season. Sabathia is also headed to the disabled list after injuring his hamstring on Tuesday night but someone like Chad Green, all-purpose relief pitcher, can start in a pinch when needed. Those are the little things you take for granted in a long season… having someone who can contribute and help you win games when other guys go down to injury.

Every team in baseball deals with injuriesjust ask someone from Flushing about that  – but the organizations that make the playoffs are the ones that make it possible to pluck a guy from the minors and have them help win games. The Yankees are loaded with players that are itching to contribute at the major league level and that will help keep this team in contention for the rest of this season.

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