The Week That Was: Yankees, Eagles and Knicks

The week that was has not been good to me. The New York Yankees lost in the ALCS and though the Philadelphia Eagles won on Monday, they lost two key players in Jordan Hicks and Jason Peters for the season. To matters worse the New York Knicks are 0-3… I knew the Knicks would be bad yet it still bothers me to see the team play and lose the way they have. Today I will give my reaction to those specific loses and discuss what I would like to see with each team moving forward.

The New York Yankees

Let’s start with the Yankees who lost to Houston after going up 3-2 in the ALCS. That was one the hardest losses I have had to deal with, don’t know why but it’s up there with the loss to the Indians in 1997 and of course the Diamondbacks in 2001. To be so close yet lose was heartbreaking and I know most fans will say that the future is bright but it still bothered me.

Now we look to the offseason and what possible changes can be made to make this Yankees team better and stronger for next season. I’ll start with bringing Joe Girardi back as manager, many pinstripe fans don’t like him for whatever reason but I think he is the right man to lead this team now and into the future. He knows the ins and outs of New York, understands what that comes with and will be prepared every game. Say what you will but there is no one out there that can do a better job and please don’t bring up managers under contract with other teams because that’s just unrealistic.

UPDATE: Joe Girardi out as Manager of the Yankees so there goes that!

Next is Jacoby Ellsbury, who should be traded no matter the cost. Pay what you must on the remainder of that contract to make him easier to trade and move on because he doesn’t have a spot on this team anymore. The other is Chase Headley, though I can appreciate his play during the second half of the season while also moving to a new position at first-base when not many players would have. The Yankees would be smart to deal him to make way for the Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujars of the world. It was a good season but the guy doesn’t exactly match the youth movement the Yankees are working towards. Trading guys like Ellsbury and Headley won’t be easy but they are deals that they need to make.

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Iggles are riding a really good wave so far this season with Carson Wentz, who many consider an MVP candidate but I won’t get ahead of myself because I know how fragile a season can be. On Monday the team lost one key contributor to the offense and one on defense. Both Jordan Hicks and Jason Peters will be missed but that’s the nature of the game, if Aaron Rodgers can go down to injury then any one can. Many important players are lost for the year every season and this one is no different. The best teams make do with what they have and hope that other players on the depth chart will help smooth things over, it doesn’t always work but sometimes a good player can develop into a great player in the process. Nigel Bradham could be that player for the Eagles on defense; his play recently has impressed the staff and fans alike. You never want your best players to go down to injury but you have to keep chugging and hope that other players step up.

The New York Knicks

My beloved Knicks look like the worst team in the league, some might say it’s the Chicago Bulls but just last year they were playoff bound so their fans don’t suffer like New York fans when it comes to basketball. On the bright side Kristaps Porzingis looks ready to be the leading man with two 30 point games to start the season. He will continue to have his ups and downs, like Tuesday against the Boston Celtics when he only scored 12 points but the signs are there that KP is capable to be the force we all think he can be.

What I would like to see is Jeff Hornacek play the younger guys more minutes. I know Frank Ntilikina is hurt at the moment but once he is healthy and ready, throw him to the wolves and let him learn on the fly. There will be times when he will look like he doesn’t belong and that’s when his character will be tested. I’m sure I’m most situations  you want your point guard to develop under a steady hand that played in the league but when the guy ahead of you is not really good then you have to hands the keys over to the future and that’s Frank The Tank.

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