Are The Yankees Clueless?

10/1/13 - New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman speaking during a press conference at Yankee Stadium.

SPANISH HARLEM, NY – I been thinking about this ever since the New York Yankees let Joe Girardi go. Who exactly do the Yankees have in mind to lead this team? Is it Rob Thompson or is it Eric Wedge? No, maybe its Aaron Boone or David Cone or John Flaherty, who are also rumored.

I’m not impressed by any of these candidates but then again no one would be. I really thought that Joe would be back because there was no one out there that I would want more to lead this team. Its not my job to hire candidates but its my job to think and I think it was a dumb move. I thought Girardi did a hell of a job with the Florida Marlins when they had a young team and finally the Yankees HAD a young team and what do they do? They moved on.

I wanted Joe Girardi over Don Mattingly, who was my favorite player EVER. Mattingly was my first and no one ever forgets their first in anything. I knew having Girardi as manager meant that Donnie Baseball would be leaving the organization… that’s how much I wanted Girardi as manager of the Yankees. Now what?

It took balls for Brian Cashman to say, “Thanks but no thanks!” Its not easy to say, “hey, how about we look for someone else?” A couple years from now we will look back and say “Wow, Cashman is a genius”  or “Wow, what a dumbass move Cashman made!” But hey I’m not paid to make those decisions, unless someone wants me . I’m available for interviews too. I know baseball and have no managerial experience. Call Me Brian Cashman.

Special Shout out to Chuck, an original Shaskys through and through. Get well my friend and lets get a brew when you ready. Also well wishes to his family and Matt, who was there to show support. 

Happy Veterans Day to all!

(One day I will write an article about Don Mattingly. I’m gonna cry a lot while writing it lol)

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