Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks; Giants, Jets Crapping The Bed In Other Ways

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FREE NFL PicksMARLBORO, NY – The Jets crapped out in the 4th quarter again last week and a few days later, the Giants crapped on the best quarterback they’ve arguably ever had. Seriously and sadly enough to New York Football Giants fans, the J-E-T-S have a better shot at wiping themselves clean in the very near future. One thing that isn’t sh!t are the Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks here at MTM. Today’s advice and NFL Notes are…

FAVORITE: I’m not sure on what football television show it was where Case Keenum was the topic of discussion for NFL MVP. Yeah, you read that correctly. As much as I will defend the Vikings quarterback in starting ahead of Teddy Bridgewater, there is no way the guy is winning the award, even if Minnesota goes on to win the Super Bowl (I know, those last eight words sound odd). This nonsense just goes to show the amount of people jumping on a bandwagon and when that happens it’s usually good practice to hop off. The Atlanta Falcons appear to be rounding into form and will host the Vikes and their seven game winning streak in what should be one of the better games of the day. The Dirty Birds are a bargain gamble laying only a field goal. The Pick? ATLANTA -3 over Minnesota.

WOOP-dancing-with-Marissa-nfl_Cheesy_Bruins FREE_NFL_Picks Meet_The_Matts NFL_Cheerleaders
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UNDERDOG: The Green Bay Packers pushed the Pittsburgh Steelers to the final gun last week amid numerous injuries. The team is trying desperately to tread water in hopes that Aaron Rodgers is able to return soon to save the season. As good a coach as Mike McCarthy is I just get the sense the wind is about to come off the green and yellow sails. Today, the Packers will be facing Tampa Bay in Jameis Winston’s return under center as less than a field goal favorite. There’s only so much you can ask of Brett Hundley and while the matchup is a favorable one against the Bucs’ pass defense, there aren’t enough healthy bodies. The Pick? Tampa Bay +2.5 over GREEN BAY.

OVER: Jacksonville shares the top spot in the AFC South with Tennessee after wasting an opportunity to hold sole possession of that perch with last week’s loss to Arizona.  It’s a young team still learning their way and look for some redemption against the Colts, a team they shut out 27-0 back in Week #7.  The Jags probably name the score in another lopsided contest full of offense.  The Pick?  Indianapolis/JACKSONVILLE OVER 40.5

UNDER: The Browns are so desperate for offense that the team is suiting up and starting the oft-suspended wide receiver, Josh Gordon, who hasn’t played big league football since late in the 2014 season. There’s no arguing his freak athleticism but it’s what’s around him and coaching him in Cleveland to make the most of his talent.  The Chargers are playing spirited football and are also getting after the opponent on defense, as they look poised to make a run for the AFC West crown.  The Browns will try to lull the San Diego Chargers of Los Angeles to sleep and will do so for only so long but long enough to get us the money.  The Pick?  Cleveland/LOS ANGELES UNDER 44.

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