Go Eagles! NBA All-Star Draft, UEFA Nations League, Song of the Week

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – This was the first week in a while that I wasn’t scrambling to find topics for the article or even a song. The song came to me rather easily but I will get to that. Courtesy of this wonderful website, two of my topics were easy to pick and the third I saw in a news alert. So without further ado, let’s get to  my genius idea of a Song of the Week, followed by Sports Stuff… On today’s sports menu: Go Eagles!, NBA All-Star Draft & UEFA Nations League.

Song of the Week:This week’s Song of the Week comes courtesy of my daughter. It was time to put her to sleep and as I don’t really do lullabies, I put on a kid’s movie; the movie Sing. She loves the movie and of all the songs. The one that calms her down a bit – and I like – is Cat Stevens’ The Wind. So without a doubt, that makes it the Song of the Week. Take a listen.

GO EAGLES!!! Judging by the way people have been going on about the two teams in the Super Bowl Big Game in the MTM Staff Writers Room, you would think it was Sophie’s Choice. I remember when the World Series had the Philadelphia Phillies versus the New York Yankees… now that was Sophie’s Choice… as a Mets fan. As a J-E-T-S fan, the Giants versus the Patriot Super Bowls were not easy either. This one is simple because Philly doesn’t have a rivalry with NYC. Although Philly is America’s 5th largest city, it never seemed to want to be like its big bro or claim it was better. Boston on the other hand, has always thought it was just as good as NY. Fire doesn’t have a rivalry with kindling, so we New Yorkers don’t care about Boston… but boy, oh boy, when a Boston team is on a good run, they let you know.  Whether it be the Sawx, the Celtics or the Pats, the rest of us hear it. So in summation, Let’s Go Eagles.

eagles-vs-patriots Meet_The_Matts
The MTM Edit Staff doesn’t agree with my choice, apparently.

NBA All-Star Draft Games: No it is not deja vu. I am not being lazy and using the same pic twice.I just have to talk about the NBA All-Star game draft or whatever you call it. I fully agree with  DJ Eberle why would you create this gimmick and then not televise it. And I read in the news feed at the bottom of an article that Russell Westbrook is made because he was last pick or thought he was. I mean how petty is that!?! You are an All-Star but mad in a pick-up game you are picked last. It is no surprise though because if there is any superstar that constantly feels he doesn’t get enough respect it is clearly Russell. You will have to go look up the final squads because I didn’t care enough about this joke of a game to actually find out the “draft”

UEFA Nations League: I went to click on Rugby and clicked on Soccer on ESPN 3 and it said the draw for the UEFA Nations League is coming up. So essentially they are going to do away with friendlies in Europe and instead make them count toward some kind of cup. Mind you this is different from the Euro Championship and World Cup Qualifying. Feels like a money grab to me but that just might be my instinct.

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