Ebs Hot Takes: New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, NBA All-Star Game, Tim Tebow

CLIFTON PARK, NY – Welp, things couldn’t have gone much worse on Sunday, right?

Not only did the New England Patriots advance to yet another Super Bowl, but the one NFC team left that could slow them – the Minnesota Vikings – decided to not show up.


Who wants to see the Patriots lift another Lombardo Trophy? Two thumbs not pointing at this guy!

The Philadelphia Eagles playing at home played a huge role in their run to the Super Bowl.

They were underdogs in each of their games and they, along with their fans, played into it.

Hey, Nick Foles was great, but a lot of that was because the Vikings played uncharacteristically bad.

OK. Time to move on. Or I’m going to down into the rabbit hole.

Enjoy this weeks’ set of Ebs’ Hot Takes:

The New England Patriots always end up on the right side of crucial reviews. While I don’t actually believe that the referees are literally in the Patriots’ pockets – that would be insane. I do find it rather interesting that New England benefited from yet another blown call that likely changed the outcome of the game.

This time it comes early in the fourth quarter with the Patriots nearing the red zone.

Dion Lewis, fumbles after making a break for it during a double-pass. Myles Jack strips Lewis and falls to the ground untouched. But before Jack gets up and runs to what would have been a touchdown and a Jacksonville Jaguars 17-point lead the play was blown dead.

Jack was touched while he was on the ground after gaining possession? I’m sorry, but you swallow your whistle on this, let it play out then go to the replay.

So instead of a touchdown and 17-point lead, the Jaguars go three-and-out and punt. New England gets the ball and goes 85 yards in eight plays to start yet another postseason double-digit comeback.

This is already on top of the controversial overturned Jessie James, Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Kelvin Benjamin touchdowns and the poorly officiated game-winning Brandin Cooks touchdown against the Houston Texans.

Not to mention, New England was only flagged once the entire game. How?

Also, I’m starting to think Tom Brady’s hand wasn’t really that injured after all. It’s Curt Schilling’s bloody sock all over again.

The NBA All-Star Game draft should be televised. I’m with Rachel Nichols on this.

The NBA All-Star Game draft has to be televised. They’ve done it in the NHL and NFL. It’s time for the NBA to man up.

Not only is the draft not televised, but the only two players who know the order of the draft selections are LeBron James and Steph Curry.

Are you serious?

These are men we’re talking about. If their feelings are hurt because they were drafted last, give them a car like they did in the NHL. Oh, and maybe their millions of dollars will comfort the blow of being taken last too.

The draft should be televised. It’d only make the NBA money.

There’s still time to change your mind, Adam Silver. Do the right thing.

Tim Tebow getting a major-league spring training invite is a joke. Come on, New York Mets?

What are you think?

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow has done nothing to actually earn an invite to the big-league camp. To be honest, this is a guy that should have probably been playing winter ball or in the Arizona Fall League again, but was instead working for ESPN. I’d be furious if I was a borderline prospect that missed out on the invite.

This is nothing more than being able to cash in on Tebow’s name and brand.

Gotta keep up with the New York Yankees some how, right?

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Maybe next year, Jacksonville.

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