Big Ben’s Super Bowl Recap: Brick Hands Brady Terminated by Pederson’s Mighty Balls

The game featured more passes intended for QBs than punts.

Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to talk about the Knicks. They suck. Now back to football. That game had more plot twists than the episode of This is Us that followed. You know, according to my wife. I didn’t watch it. Anyhoo, let’s try to make some sense of one wild and entertaining game.

The game featured more passes intended for QBs than punts.

Controversial Calls

It was nice to see a few calls go against the Patriots for once. I’m not talking about the Zack Ertz TD. You can’t take three steps, dive toward the end zone, and stretch the ball out in mid-air without having already caught the damn thing. But I was surprised they let Corey Clement’s TD stand. Smaller bobbles have been called incomplete all season.

They better have already had meetings about how to fix the catch rule. I’d rather see Simon, Randy, and Paula decide catches. Did you even try to drag your back foot? Absolutely dreadful.

Die Eagles, Die

I was glad the Eagles won as I can’t stand the Patriots. But I wished I had turned off the TV before the Eagles’ fight song came on. That’s one memory I didn’t need.

Super Bowl Hero to Super Bowl Zero

It might have been worth a try to throw Malcolm Butler in there at some point. I’m not a Defensive Coordinator, but I’m pretty sure the secondary was playing poorly. I hope we find out more about this situation. Belichick cleared it all up when he said “we played the players were thought gave us the best chance to win, as we always do.” Thanks Bill, you ass.

Not what I had in mind for these two on Super Bowl Sunday…

Brick Hands Brady Can’t Get it Done

I would have put Brady’s chances of leading his team to a TD when they were down by 5 at about 80%. The defenses were both abysmal. Brandon Graham’s strip sack was about the only big play on D in the second half.

I will now remember the Brady drop as the signature play of his career. In a year or two I won’t even remember the comeback against the Falcons. Have Pats’ fans started complaining about the Jimmy G trade yet?

Giselle’s Eerie Prediction

Said Giselle to her kids, “they haven’t won in million years. You have to let someone else win sometimes.” I liked it better when they lost to the Giants and she said “my husband cannot f-bomb-ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Good call, G. Somewhere Wes Welker is laughing.

The Welker drop

Half Time Adjustments

Overheard in the Patriots’ locker room during half time: “Hey umm, I was thinking. Maybe we should start throwing it to Gronk?


Nick Mother Funkin’ Foles.  A playoff run and a Super Bowl for the ages no one saw coming. Other than the tipped interception, was there even one throw in danger of being picked? The throw to Ertz on fourth down around mid-field under duress on the game winning drive showed big time poise. The Eagles will have to decide to keep him for Carson Wentz insurance or flip him for some picks. The Jets are stupid if they don’t dangle a little something. Foles can hold it down until Christian Hackenberg is ready.

Hope for Big Blue

Think of it this way, Giants fans. Two years ago the Eagles were coming off a horrible year and had the second pick in the draft. They signed an offensive coordinator from a decent mid-west team that couldn’t get over the hump.

Drawn up in the dirt

The Play Call

When you have the Pats on the ropes, you go for the knock out. Terminator Tom will not stop until you’re dead, Sarah Connor. The fourth down play at the end of the first half was nothing short of legendary. As annoying as Cris Collinsworth was for much of this game, he was right to blow a gasket on that one.

Everybody kicks the FG in that spot. Dangerous Doug Pederson is not everybody. He had a play he really liked. “We’ll give it to our fourth string, undrafted rookie RB, have him flip it to our back-up TE, who’ll throw it to our QB, who’s never had a reception.” You have some mighty, mighty balls, Sir. Unlike the Falcons last year or the Jaguars two weeks ago, the Eagles kept punching and finished off the beast and perhaps the Patriots’ dynasty. 

Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, who’s not a cyborg assassin from the future, but he has the sense of humor of one. You can follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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