A Rivalry is Brewing Between the Yankees and Astros, Also Some Thoughts On The NBA Finals

SPANISH HARLEM – The rivarly started for me in 2015 when the Houston Astros beat the Yankees 3-0 in a one game playoff. We all knew the Astros were going to be good, they developed a young core around Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer. What we didn’t know was that the New York Yankees had a young core has well that would take the league by storm the following season. The pinnacle came last year when these same Astros eliminated the Yankees and finally won their first World Series in the American League.

There is a different feeling this season when these two teams play. Its only the regular season but there is a playoff atmosphere that shows these games mean more to the players . You get this same feeling when the Yankees play the Boston Red Sox. You don’t want the Yankees to just to play well but you want them to crush the other team in the process. Even losing a close game, it makes you upset because they bumped the Yankees out of the playoffs but also because they are probably the favorite to win it all again this year. Sure, we as Yankees fans will always want to beat the snout out of the Red Sox but now we have another team to root against.

NBA Finals

I know most basketball fans will say “As long have they have Lebron James, they will have chance” but I just don’t see it. The Golden State Warriors will win these finals and it won’t even be close. Sure James will be the best player on the court most days but the Warriors have a great team, a team that’s beyond better than the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many pundits believe that Western Conference Finals were our version of the NBA Finals this year. The Houston Rockets would of been favorites as well over the Cavs if they had beaten the Warriors. I know I sound down about this series and I am. I have seen this story before and it won’t end well if your a Lebron fan.

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