Will The New York Giants Regret Not Drafting Sam Darnold? Yes, Yes They Will!

SPANISH HARLEM – This past draft saw the New York Jets draft their quarterback of the future in Sam Darnold. Of course with help from the New York Giants, who decided to draft Saquon Barkley with the 2nd overall pick. I bet Jets fans never would’ve thought that their crosstown rivals would make the bonehead move and take a running back but here we are… yup, I said BONEHEAD and here’s why.

You never pass up the opportunity to draft your quarterback of the future, especially when it falls right into your lap. I know Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, yada yada yada but he won’t be winning you another one. Manning has never been a great regular season quarterback, both years the Giants won the Super Bowl, they squeaked into the playoffs and pulled off some great playoffs runs. Mostly it was great defense, followed by Manning pulling some sh!t out of A*s. Now that same quarterback is much much older and isn’t the same player he once was, which wasn’t that great to be begin. Sure, I get it… he is a Hall or Fame quarterback but ask yourself this, would Eli make it to the Hall of Fame without those chips on his record.

When your team is in need of a quarterback, you what you don’t do is… draft a running back. Saquon Barkley could turn out to be that best running back in the league and he still might not get a you chip. What was the team that won a championship being lead by a back. I’ll wait… a long long time ago. A lot was said this year that the Giants really didn’t like the quarterback class but you still saw quarterbacks go 1st and 3rd, so somebody out there liked what they saw. Big Blue will regret this draft at some point in their life if they can’t find a replacement for Eli, who has maybe 3 years left, at most. I’m sorry to say this… wait no I’m not, I hate the Giants, the Jets will be better than the Giants in a couple years. You know why… because they drafted a quarterback in a league where quarterback is the most important position.

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