Eagles, Bengals, Tennessee Titans and Who Should Start Wild Card for Yankees vs Oakland

Eagles, Bengals, Tennessee Titans and Who Should Start Wild Card for Yankees

SPANISH HARLEM – My Philadelphia Eagles lost a tough game against the Tennessee Titans in overtime yesterday when Marcus Mariota lobbed a pass into the end zone to Clay Davis with 13 seconds left in the game. That’s when the harsh reality hit me that I would have to a write a Monday column with fresh wounds, no more waiting until Thursday and an objective mind. The Iggles couldn’t get the type of pressure the fans are accustomed to seeing, instead you had Mariota running for first downs, and when they weren’t getting stops they were flagged consistently for pass interference calls that kept drives going. It was one of those games where the Eagles did just enough to lose, sure there were some good moments but the Eagles never found a way to close the game out late and for that they lose one to the mediocre Titans.

Eagles, Bengals, Tennessee Titans and Who Should Start Wild Card for Yankees
Get on the TT Express! Go Titans! P.s… What’s short for “Titans?”

Is it me or are the Cincinnati Bengals really good? Every week they seem to be the most interesting team playing, as they rack up yards and points. It’s always a scoring fest and even if the game is close late, they squeak out a win in the end. I know its early and the Bengals have had decent seasons recently only to lose in the playoffs but they are a fun team to watch if you have NFL Game Pass. Another fun team to watch if you have nothing invested is the Atlanta Falcons, who can score with the best of them but always find a way to lose the game. Matt Ryan might be considered an MVP through the first 4 weeks but their defense stinks and give up a lot of points as well, Oh… and the New York Giants lost again.

Much has been made about who the New York Yankees should start for their Wild Card Game… if it was my choice I would go with AJ Happ. He has been the best pitcher on the team since the trade and has given the Yankees exactly what you want from a veteran pitcher. I have a feeling they will probably go with Luis Severino or Masahiro Tanaka for a short stink before going to the bullpen for the remainder of the game. Most believe Happ will be held out for the Boston Red Sox series but you have to get there first and that is not guaranteed. You lose and you go home, now is not the time to overthink things or look ahead. I do believe the Aaron Boone will go to the bullpen at the hint of trouble, which will negate having a starter for 5 to 6 innings and allows the manager to start Happ for 3 possible starts if they make it past the Oakland A’s. I’m just not sure Severino or Tanaka can give you 3 good innings at this point. With everything on the line, I want the best possible person to pitch that game and for me, that guy is AJ Happ.


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