#NoFootball, Another Article About The New York Knicks

SPANISH HARLEM – I have had a really bad weekend and while I didn’t get to see much sports at all, I still feel obligated to my 5 readers that I write something. The people need me so it’s my duty to give you what you came here to see. So with that said I will give you want I do know.


While it’s tough knowing that another bad season is ahead though it is promising that the New York Knicks are fun to watch again. First get the idea of winning out of the equation because for their sake and ours, they continue to lose. The better the draft pick, the better off this team will be. But what I do like, is that they playing faster and have an offensive system that allows everyone to touch the ball. I’m one of the biggest Carmelo Anthony fans out and everyone here knows I have defended him whenever possible but he was a volume shooter, a great one but also one that held the ball a lot. It was were the ball went to die and while he scored a ton of points, it wasn’t the prettiest offense to watch.

They play hard and with that I mean, they never back down. They go on scoring runs and play defense too, creating a ton more turnovers than you would come to expect. Sure teams are still beating them and the score make look bad in the end but they play well enough to stay in games until the better team bares down and takes the game in the 4th quarter. This team will sneak in some wins against really good teams but right now the better teams are winning, as they should.

My last reason for watching more Knicks games, David Fizdale. He looks engaged and energetic, he shows a ton of emotion and with that, shows me he cares a ton about this team. He has won me over big time, the players seem to love him and more important, they respect him and don’t want to let him down. I like to see that because it always means more when you fighting with someone you don’t want to let disappoint. Finally for the first time in a long time, we have a coach that has future.


All I know is that they won… because I didn’t wake up at 9am to watch a damn football. That’s it… now go enjoy your Monday!

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