Questions Remain About Kristaps Porzingis

SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Knicks lost another game last night to the Orlando Magic but that wasn’t the worst thing that Coach, David Fizdale has to deal with. The loses continue to come in bunches and this team is starved of talent. The media has asked about Kristaps Porzingis and Fizdale implied that KP wasn’t on his mind and wouldn’t be until he learned of any progress. That did not go well because the next day KP posted a picture of him sprinting, which Fizdale was not of aware of. Now that sounds pretty bad because Fizdale should be informed of those type of things but that Prozingis took it upon himself to answer questions that the coach couldn’t, made me feel sick to my stomach.

I’m all for the Knicks tanking, as many of you know and I don’t mind them losing games at the pace of which they are. My problem exists with the health of the most important player in the Knicks organization. If you plan to save KP from playing this season… just say it already. Again I don’t mind going back to the lottery and being in a position to have the number 1 pick. Decide what you going to do and do it!

Every Knicks fan would love to see KP play again this season. He is the only star in a group of projects and young players. I get it, I want to know if Porzingis is healthy before the organization decides to give him max money following the season. The last thing you want to see is this franchise commit a boat load of money to a player that is injured, every year, as he has been, since he entered the league. All I ask and what every fan should ask for is that everyone in this organization, from the coaches to the people in charge… will Prozingis play this year?

It seems that Kristaps has every intention to play this season and that makes me optimistic about him returning at some point. I want him healthy and I want him to succeed. Will that happen? I don’t know for sure but he is the type of player that has some unique abilities, for a big man and the unicorn is still there. Get on the same page and that goes for everyone involved because at the end of the day his future and the Knicks depend on it.

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