The Eagles sneak into the Playoffs and The New York Yankees wait on Manny Machado

Dec 23, 2018; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) runs off the field after win against the Houston Texans at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

SPANISH HARLEM – Its New Years Eve and playoff football is upon us, thankfully, the defending Super Bowl Champions are back in to defend their title. While it won’t be easy, against a great Chicago Bears defense, they have a chance and that’s all that matters today. The Bears did them a favor by beating, Angry Ward‘s beloved Minnesota Vikings, who played played a dispirited game against a division rival with everything on the line. That opened the door for the Philadelphia Eagles, who beat the Washington Redskins to secure the last and final spot.

Nick Foles has been a savior since Carson Wentz‘s injury, they looked dead in the water about 4 weeks ago. Foles has once again provided this team with confidence, as he continues to provide efficient passing and laser like focus. At this point, he has played himself into a better contract and a starting position in this league. As of now, he might be the most coveted free agent quarterback in the NFL, and some QB needy team will shell out the big bucks to bring him on board. While I will miss him when he is gone, we at least have him for another Superbowl run.

The New York Yankees are still waiting on Manny Machado‘s decision, which should come in the next week or so before they decide what other free agents to bring in and fill out that roster. They haven’t added any relief pitchers, of note, with two holes to fill. They may be waiting on Machado, as they will decide how much money to spend they have left to spend. If Manny is on board, they will probably go the cheaper route but if Machado goes elsewhere, then expect the Yankees to splurge on that department. With Spring Training right around the corner, expect a flurry of deals as teams make some finals decisions with their rosters. With or without Manny Machado, the Yankees will try to get the best roster possible to make another championships run. The next couple of days will be fun, to say the least.

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