Single-handed Syndergaard, 4 OT Playoff Basketball, NFL Off-Season Workouts

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS –  I am having a crazy busy last two weeks in my other full-job, so I haven’t been able to be on top of sports news here and in general like I should be, but I still scrape together a few headlines to make an article. With that said, here is the menu for today: Single-handed Syndergaard, 4 OT Playoff Basketball, NFL Off-Season.

Thanks for nothing guys!

Single-handed Syndergaard: I heard it earlier this week that Noah Syndergaard had to do it all by himself. He had a 10K complete game and hit a home run, the only run in a 1-0 win. I wondered what the hell did everybody else do. With 10Ks that leaves 17 outs for everyone else, and that is if Noah didn’t get get any hit back to the mound. There may be some outfielder that never did anything but keep trotting out to the field and to the dugout. There will be occasionally be games like this when the bats fail but not too much because we can’t count on pitcher’s home runs.

4 OT Playoff Basketball: Playoff Basketball is so much better than regular season basketball. And overtime basketball is a blessing. Now what do you say about the Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trailblazers game that took 4 overtimes to be resolved. The amount of clutch shots, defensive stops and bad decisions in the game 3 were incredible. It was a game for the ages. There were so many records broken it was insane. This was the longest game in 66 years. You had guys logging 65 minutes, it had the most points 140-137 for two teams in a games in two decades and was on the 2nd ever 4 OT game in NBA history. If you get the chance then you should watch it on ESPN Classic because it was basically an instant classic of a match.

NFL Off-Season Workouts: With things being as professional as they are now in sports, you have to question the point of off-season workouts. I mean everything players do are monitored from food to workouts and lots of these guys have been sit-ups so they can stay on top of these things. These things though are for the new draft picks and the guys fighting to stay on the squad. So many special teamers and “look at me” guys. But this the life of a back-up center or linebacker. I always found it obnoxious when you would see a big name player show up for these. I get the whole “we all have to fight for our spot” but I am sure a couple of guys didn’t enjoy a Manning or an AP at these things reminding them of what the good life is or looks like.

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