SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Yankees lost yesterday but it’s still hard to not like what you see from this group of players. This team has had its share of bad luck with injuries to key players to start the season, and yet here they are winning games and playing small ball. To start the season, many people expected them to score a lot of runs and most via the long ball. Aaron Judge believed they could brake the home run record they broke just a season before but right now they resemble more of a National League line up.

I’m still learning some these players’ names, as I had no idea who they were when the season started. Cameron Maybin… sure, I know who he is; a veteran that has played multiple years in the Major Leagues before the Yankees bought his contract from the Cleveland Indians‘ Triple-A affiliate… DJ LaMahieu, I guess I knew he played Baseball but I couldn’t tell you what team he played for before he got to New York… Gio UrshelaWHO? Thairo EstradaWHAT? Mike TauchmanWTF! I didn’t even know these people existed in life, yet they each have played more games than anyone could of ever expected for the Yankees.

I have really enjoyed rooting for this team lately and yes, it has everything to do with the uniform. When you love a team, you root blindly and with no regard. Its been fun seeing this team win with timely hits instead of waiting for the home run. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to get guys like Giancarlo Stanton and Judge back in that line up, every Yankee fan will tell you that but they won’t be walking out of that dugout anytime soon. Fans should appreciate that this team has fought hard with pitching, another area that has been decimated with injuries. Every player to some degree has contributed at one point or another, as they continue stay alive in the American League East.

This team was not the one many expected to challenge for ring number 28 but to borrow some kind a good words from A-Dubs, just one day ago, there is something happening with this club right now that makes you think this could be a special year if they can hold down the fort until they are completely healthy, if that’s ever a thing in Baseball. You hope that there are no more set backs for Stanton or Luis Severino, then you pray that Aaron Judge comes back as good as new. The team as currently constructed won’t win you a playoff game but this group can help keep this team in contention until key players come back. Root for the replacements, some of them have waited there whole life for chance and right now, its their time.

And I am out of time. Comment below and look for Different Matt tomorrow.

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