Glass Half Full or Half Empty: Thoughts on the MLB Trade Deadline

SPANISH HARLEM – SO YEA! Yesterday was super disappointing if your a Yankees fan. You saw the Houston Astros add some depth to their pitching staff by acquiring Zack Grienke (Arizona Diamondbacks) and Aaron Sanchez (Toronto Blue Jays) and the New York Yankees traded for a minor league pitcher that I could care less to google about for this article. I consider myself a realist, I’m the type of person that will see the glass half full when the person with me feels the glass is half empty and vice versa. I know there can be many sides to one story, there is almost always at least two. My job today was to play both parts in my head, below I some texts and thoughts i went through on the day.

Half Empty vs Half Full

The Yankees needed to trade for a starting pitcher; The Yankees kept all their top Prospects.

Brian Cashman couldn’t get the job done; Cashman has made some great trades and has drafted well.

How can this team win without an elite starter if they make the playoffs?; The bullpen can make up for a bunch of innings when it matters.

This team stinks; The Yankees are in first place in the division.

What the hell were the New York Mets doing trading for Marcus Stroman; If it wasn’t the Mets, it would of been another team.

Half Full vs Half Empty

The Yankees have the best offense in baseball; The Yankees pitching sucks and the bullpen is overrated.

All the Yankees need is to get hot at the right time; Pitching wins Championships.

When we get everybody back from injury, this team will be dangerous; You can’t count on them.

This team is gonna win the World Series, just you watch; I would happy just to make the Playoffs.

The Mets never trade with the Yankees because they are jealous; No way… their just idiots.

In most parts I played the role of good guy and some I vented. I was really looking forward to the Yankees trading for some starting pitching and if that didn’t work, beef up the bullpen. Fans of the Yankees got neither, it wasn’t the best of days, especially when you saw all the activity being spread around. It was just surprising that the Yankees weren’t involved in any. In the end, I will move on and concentrate on what they have for the stretch run, it won’t be easy, especially with Luke Voit going down to another injury.

Nobody said it would be easy; try your best.

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