Kawhi Leonard Picking Clippers Changes NBA Landscape

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SPANISH HARLEM – Last Friday was uneventful for me. I was dead tired from hanging out all night on the 4th of July and just slept all day. Looking back, it was actually great now that I think about it. I took a midday nap and woke up again at 9 pm, I stayed awake, watched TV, caught up on a movie and totally expected that at some point I would look at my phone and see that Kawhi Leonard had signed with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Much to my surprise that notification never out. Luckily for me and all my sleeping, I was up at 3 AM on Saturday when I saw a message pop up on my phone. Leonard had picked the Los Angeles Clippers, foregoing the chance to create possibly the greatest trio in NBA history. I couldn’t believe because all week the news cycling kept reporting that it would come down to the Lakers and the Toronto Raptors. People in the media harped on the allure of playing with LeBron James and Anthony Davis or going back to the team that he just propelled to victory in the NBA Finals.

Knicks-Kawhi-Leonard, Jon_Snow, King_Of_The_North, GOT, Knicks, Meet_The_Matts, Buddy_Diaz
Wait, who’s King of the North now?! And why didn’t the %$&*> Knicks get him?! #GOT #Clippers

The feeling in my gut had me believe that there was no way he would go to the Lakers, so I thought be would go back to the Raptors and continue being the King of The North. He was beloved once again in a city and country that got their first taste of being among the NBA elite. It was an easy decision until it wasn’t.

The Clippers had very little to offer, other than the max contract he was looking for. They had a roster full of role players with no chance of adding another big piece, especially with every good-to-great free agent signing within the first few hours into the start of NBA Free Agency. And before I could finish scrolling through Twitter to find anything I could find on the matter, more news came in that the Clippers would also add Paul George an hour after the Leonard signing.

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