NFC East: QB Question Marks for Each Team. Carson Wentz Top of List

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SPANISH HARLEM – Preseason football is upon us and I’m taking notice of the NFC East. For starters, it holds not only my favorite team but also a New York Giants team that many readers on this site root for. As I thought about my Philadelphia Eagles, it always came down to Carson Wentz. He is our franchise quarterback and there have been many questions about his health – or the lack there of. Here’s the thing, you look around at each team in the division and it seems that all the teams have question marks at that very position. Lets take a look:


As I mentioned above, Carson Wentz has an injury problem. He has been hurt and missed games in each of his 3 seasons in the NFL and if you were a betting man, you would probably put a couple dollars down that it will happen again this season. It’s  a scary proposition to be in that this team doesn’t have a certain Super Bowl winning quarterback to fill in when needed. The back up, Nate Sudfeld, who started and played well in the first preseason game broke his left hand and will be out a minimum of 6 games. This can’t be good for a team that has heavily relied on their back ups to preform and that’s without noting that for Wentz to be his peak his self, he has to be a mobile quarterback inside and outside the pocket. It will be important to keep their franchise quarterback healthy if they expect to contender for another Super Bowl.

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Dak Prescott wants to get paid and it has been rumored that he is looking for a contract extension that will pay him 40 million a year. It seems the Dallas Cowboys want to keep him but it’s safe to say that they don’t pay him anything near that amount. There were questions last year about his ability and many people believe he is the by product of an elite running game lead by Ezekiel Elliott. Can this team be among the elite if they have to rely on their quarterback to win games? Its time for Prescott to put up or shut up!


It was known before the NFL draft that the Redskins were high on Dwayne Haskins and without having to trade up, they believed they got their quarterback of the future. Their starter last season, Alex Smith, had what many experts believe to be a career ending injury so the position is up for grabs. Will the Redskins put all there chips on table and start him when the real games start? Its not like they have any great options to lead this team so it will be up to the head coach if he wants to take his lumps with their new prized rookie.

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Where to begin? oh, I know… Eli Manning is a dead man walking. You don’t draft Daniel Jones with the 6th pick in the NFL draft unless you don’t believe you in your current quarterback. While the pick was highly scrutinized by some fans, that changed after his first preseason game. Daniel Jones was perfect on his throws and gave fans hope for the future. It was one game and a preseason game at that but the questions have already started. The whispers were so loud that John Mara, the owner of the team released a statement saying that he hopes that Jones doesn’t see the field this season. Some might say that he was showing support for Eli Manning but that’s not the smartest thing to say especially if the head coach believes that Daniel Jones gives them the best chance to win… this season.

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