Mets Choking, Dan Jones Soaring, NBA is Coming

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Football season is over for me but because I live in Buffalo, I can’t avoid it, if I tried. I mean I am in the maternity store buying store and the lady behind the counter says despite her crutches she is gonna go to the game sit front row. I can’t talk about my Jets anyway so today’s topics will be: Mets Choking, Dan Jones Soaring, NBA is Coming.

Mets Choking: Co-worker said to me today, how do I feel about the Mets choking. I said, there not choking. In order to choke, you have to be in the driver’s seat and nearly assured of winning. These bums never had winner written on them. The Mets have had so many heart breaks but Beltran watch that curveball and the 5 game sweep at the hands of the “Cot Damn” Royals, the Mets will break your hearts until they manage not to. I mean our one series win required and epic fluke and mistake by a generally mistake free guy. So this is no choke job, this is the Mets showing you, that “they were who you thought they were.” Special consideration has to be made for Mickey Calloway, I spell Mickey like the mouse cause that is how childish and joke of a manager he is. He needs to go back to pitching and the Mets need to bring up Wally Backman to coach. Yes he has a drinking problem and some other baggage but he can get a team performing. The person that is responsible for this situation is Brodie Van Wagnenun. Brodie is a little in over his head and trying to manage from the GM chair. Get rid of Brodie, demote Callaway and you might have something. But who am I kidding the Wilpons only care about proceeds and revenue so they may get rid of the manager but Brodie is their guy. Further proof, there was nothing worth getting fired up about.

Dan Jones Soaring: What a first game by Dan Jones. Throw for 300+ yards, 2 running touchdowns and 2 passing touchdowns. So maybe some people here owe Eric Gettleman an apology. Jones looks to have given the Giants a shot in the arm and that rare creature a win. The Giants like the Jets have holes all over the place but the question of a replacement for Eli has nagged them for the past couple of seasons, so at least that is solved. But then again it was one game and he will be figured out, going forward. Time will tell.

NBA Season is coming: With Baseball and football season over, time to turn my attention to basketball. In Baseball, there is the senior and junior circuit, the same thing is now in the NBA. Because the Western Conference is so stacked that if it was a combined playoff system, maybe 3 East Conference teams would make. Like the Eastern Conference should just join the D-League or G-League as it is now called. Better get ready to watch a lot of 10pm tip-offs. Oh and like a compass pointing North, the Knicks will suck.

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