My Thoughts on Luis Severino, Frank Nitilkina and NFL Quarterbacks

SPANISH HARLEM – I haven’t had cable for two weeks so my way into the sports world starts with my phone. The almighty internet wins again, I still have my PlayStation and access to Netflix and Hulu. I was surprised by my lack of need for television other than sports. I won’t lie that was the only difficult part but back to my point, I read a couple articles and I was surprised by a few that I will talk about today.

The ace


While the New York Yankees continue to lose their lead on the best overall record in the American League, they must be ecstatic with what they seen from Luis Severino every time he takes the mound. About a month ago, many people covering the team had their doubts and rightfully so. The guy was injured for a great portion of the regular season and to have someone of his stature going into the playoffs will give this team another reliable starter that they can match up against anybody’s best. I know there are people that will say he doesn’t have a great playoff record but that’s a guy you want starting your game because he has electric stuff. Many fans out there want to see this organization add another championship banner and now their chance becames better if Severino can continue to pitch the way he has.


The enigma that is Frank Nitilkina, has been on every New York Knicks fan’s mind since he was drafted. Everyone wanted to see him succeed, for two years now he has gone to the basketball court and laid egg after egg. Don’t get wrong, there have been a couple of bright spots, but they have been few and far between. My explanation had been his age because he was so young, coming from another country and playing with the best players in the world isn’t easy. I gave him benefit of the doubt but it’s time to put up or shut up.

This past off-season, Nitilkina played for the French National Team and many of you may already know that they beat the US in competition… with the help of Frankie, believe or not. He played well in the closing minutes, hitting two key three pointers down the stretch while also providing great defense on Kemba Walker. It was a big moment in his career and only time will tell if it will have a positive effect on him. Many experts are saying that they see a different player on the court than the one that played the for the Knicks. I truly hope that’s the case, everyone loves a feel-good story and many fans will be rooting for him.


What the hell is happening? Just listing the names of the top of my head, you have, Nick Foles, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton and Drew Brees. I don’t know about you but that’s some big names going down early in the season. That’s four teams that are dealing with significant injuries to their most important player. Some will come back but when… and will it be in time to help their teams get to the playoffs. Seems like a lot of bad luck going around but that’s Football, one day your completely healthy and the next, your out for the season. How many more will go down before the season is over? Please Not Carson Wentz!

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