Carmelo Anthony Is Back, LeBron James Sets Another NBA Record, LA Clippers Whole Again

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SPANISH HARLEM – It has been a great week of NBA news if your searching for something to read. I know what your thinking – ‘Wait, you’re not writing about the New York Knicks?’ To be honest, its been difficult lately to find good things to write about and I don’t want to talk sh*t about my favorite team, especially when they have looked better [as of late], if that means anything. So, let’s get straight into some of the news that caught my eye.


On Tuesday, Melo played his first game in the NBA for the Portland Trailblazers since being released from the Houston Rockets last season. Anyone that reads my columns on the Knicks know that he is my favorite player, so I’m sure most of you are not surprised he made the cut today. While he looked rusty, there is still an opportunity for Anthony to excel if given the right opportunity. He is and always will be the type of player that can score points in bunches, I never doubt that, but he is unique in that he needs touches. I don’t mean he always need the ball in his hands, but he needs plays designed for him from time to time. That could be difficult in Portland with Damian Lilllard and CJ McCollum handling most of the scoring duties. Yet… I still think Carmelo can be featured in certain spots when either of those two guys are off the floor.

carmelo_anthony, lebron_james, Paul_george, leonard, Meet_The_Matts, Buddy_Diaz


Also, on Tuesday, LeBron James became the only player in league history to record a Triple Double against every team in the NBA. I really believe the rest that James got by missing the playoffs last season has given his body the opportunity to heal. He was always the type of player that took plays off and didn’t play as hard on certain nights because he wanted to preserve his energy for the playoffs. Those minutes are the toughest ones to play and James made sure that he was healthy when that time came around. He has played great to start the season and the Los Angeles Lakers will contend for the title this season. With LeBron at full strength, I could see another MVP trophy added to his mantle.


For the time this season, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George played together in an NBA game for the Los Angeles Clippers. George has played out of his mind since coming back from injury, yet everyone wants to see how good this duo could be. They are interchangeable pieces that can guard 4 positions and even 5 in small ball lineups. Two extremely unique players with the same skill set. Some players are great at offense, while others are great at defense but with these guys, you have two players that play both sides of the ball and at an MVP level.

Side Note: I’m watching the game on ESPN vs the Boston Celtics. Should be good.

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