Quarantine Distraction Sports Movies List. John Candy, Kathy Ireland and ???

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NEW YORK, NYNFL Football, MLB Baseball, NHL HockeyWe’re now a month into the COVID crisis here in New York and the news keeps getting worse. And with all of the depressing news and no sports in sight, we need more distractions. Two weeks ago I listed some baseball movies that you may not have seen in awhile. Today I’ll give you some other sports movies to take your mind off of the pandemic.

Necessary Roughness

A Texas College Football team receives a death sentence and needs to be rebuilt. The rebuilt team features a middle-aged quarterback and Kathy Ireland as the team’s kicker. If you need any more indications of how 90’s this movie is, Sinbad is in the movie also. The movie is good for a few laughs, but the main draw is a 1991 Kathy Ireland.

Cool Runnings

We’ll have to wait another year for the summer olympics but you can get your fill of winter olympic fun with this Disney classic. The movie tells the story of the Jamaican bobsled team. John Candy and Doug E. Doug star in this one that will make you feel good every time you watch it.

John_Candy, Meet_The_Matts-cool-runnings
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This hockey movie became a classic as soon as it was released in 2012. The movie tells the story of a bouncer turned hockey enforcer and stars Stiffler and Ray Donovan. If you’re a hockey fan, this is a must see. It’s not Slap Shot but it is one of the best hockey movies ever made.

Fever Pitch

No, not the remake with Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. The original starring Colin Firth and based on Nick Hornby’s 1992 book. The movie is about a teacher in England trying to balance his romantic life with his love and support for his favorite soccer team. This movie hits at what a lot of sports fans go through in supporting their favorite teams in a much less ham-handed fashion than the Fallon version. Check it out.

I’ll leave it there for now. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and still alive to witness Short Matt’s gem tomorrow.

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