Sports Rain Man: Dan Snyder, NFL COVID-19 Start-up, #RIPJohnLewis

Daniel Snyder, Mark Cuban, John Lewis, covid, Washington Redskins, Meet_The_Matts, EPL, Junoir_Blaber

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday... There was very interesting news  that made this an easier article than my last few articles. This is not a promise that it will better, I may just suck. With that, here are the topics for today: Dan Snyder, NFL COVID-19 & #RIPJohnLewis.

Dan Snyder

So it turns out that Dan Snyder is a  real Piece O’ Sh!t. I know, I know… quelle surprise. Apparently, the reason he was so willing to change the name of the Washington football franchise after refusing to for so long is because of the story in The Washington Post that painted him and the franchise atmosphere in an ugly light. This would be surprising but then again, it’s Daniel Snyder. He is consistently one of the Top-5 Worst Owners in Sports year after year, so it’s amazes no one. I guess. Seems Snyder wanted more bit of good news before all of the bad news broke. Looking forward to seeing this unravel.

Daniel Snyder, Mark Cuban, John Lewis, covid, Washington Redskins, Meet_The_Matts, EPL, Junoir_Blaber
Roger Goodell COVID Clown Mask? Check.


With more time than any major pro sport, the NFL’s seemed destined to be able to have its season run smoothly. But on the eve of rookie camp, stars are messaging that they have no idea what the league is doing. NFL celebrities have taken to the air everywhere to discuss the clear lack of a plan and what needs to be done. It’s like a masterclass in how to make everybody say to you, “Sorry, I think you might need help.” To be clear, the NFL has been dragging its feet for whatever reason, probably because with so many owners there are no doubt 12 idiots with ridiculous ideas, so here we are. Look for this to delay the start of the season.


Finally, Friday night we found out that Congressman John Lewis passed away. I had to take a minute to comment on this because literally he is a real life superhero. In my opinion, he and my dad are the only two people I have ever considered to be in that status. I don’t even know where to begin with this. From the Bloody Sunday March on the Edmund Pettus Bridge to all his civil rights work and dedication. There is just too much stuff here to cover… Thank you, Sir. You fought the good fight. You fought a just fight. You brought light into darkness. You taught people what it was to have faith and an internal fire dedicated to changing lives. Rest in Power, Sweet Prince.

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for our LeBron, Big Ben Whitney. But first, feel free to comment below.

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