Big Ben: The Giants Unending Offensive Line Woes and the Dolphins Turn to Tua

We need fewer of these pics

Stamford, CT: It was a fun Week 7 in the NFL, unless you’re a fan of the New York Giants or the Jets.  I might have started with the same sentence last week. The Giants choked away a win and the Jets delivered another toothless snoozer. One of the goats of the game for the Giants, along with forkin’ Evan Engram, was #4 pick Andrew Thomas. The Giants inability to develop a functional offensive line is getting a tad frustrating. That, and Tua Tagovailoa’s first start are on my mind this fine Tuesday.

The Unfixable O-Line

Andrew Thomas did not look good on Thursday night. Long time offensive line coach Paul Alexander had some eyebrow raising comments after the game.

I’m going to be candid here, because I’m really upset for Andrew on this. What I saw (Thursday) night, I see completely different techniques than he used at Georgia. I don’t see his feet getting set. And I see his hands bouncing all over the place, like he’s punching a guy like a machine gun or something.

When he was at Georgia, he controlled guys with his hands. So I see something completely different than I saw at Georgia. And my question is: Why are you doing different things than you did? I mean, he was the best tackle in the country. And right now it’s like, ‘Oh my God!’

Is that bad? Sounds like it’s bad.

We need fewer of these pics

So far the tackles drafted after Thomas – Becton, Wills, and Jackson – have all looked better than Thomas. Ryan Ramczyk and Cam Robinson, the two tackles the Giants passed up in 2018 to take Alligator Arms Engram, are above average NFL tackles. In 2016, the Giants passed on Laremy Tunsil (because he smoked weed!) and Taylor Decker, both quality NFL tackles, to pull 48 muscles reaching for Eli Apple. A big reason they didn’t take a tackle in 2016 and 2017 is because they had drafted their man in Ereck Flowers in 2015.  Even Will Hernandez, who looked like a rock solid pick, has been treading water. Yes, it’s been a rough road.

To add insult to injury, Flowers went on and became a capable guard, signing a 3-years and $30 million with the Dolphins. Bobby Hart, a lineman drafted that same year in the 7th round, was tossed away by the Giants and has since become a capable RT for the Bengals. He got hurt on Sunday and they missed him. Why do other teams get more out of these players than the Giants?

We can’t blame O-line coach Marc Colombo too much, he’s been here one year. But Thomas seems to be heading in the wrong direction. It can’t all be scouting because guys move on and become useful. The Giants have invested some capital on the line but they haven’t been able to turn it around.

I like to think maybe a better center and maybe Matt Peart at RT can cement a starting five that can hold it’s own, but I don’t know. They should probably consider trading Kevin Zeitler if they can get something decent for him. I don’t effin know.

Miami pushes their chips in…

Tua Time

The rookie QB sure finds himself in an unusual situation. With Fitzpatrick playing well and Miami in the race, the timing seems odd. It must have been the plan all along to start him after the bye.

The Bills are not looking great and have a tough schedule. The Pats really suck. That was fun. And the other team is there to give everyone two wins. The Dolphins have a realistic shot at the division.

With draft classmates Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow looking like playas, the pressure is on Tua. This is a high risk/high reward move. It’ll be interesting.

What won’t be interesting is the Giants getting crushed by Tompa Bay on Monday night next week. Anyone want to go for a long hike somewhere that has no cell service that night?

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