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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – Sometimes a person has to dig deep to accomplish a task, no matter how large or small the goal. The more and more I try, I just cant help but feel differently about enjoying this NFL season. This campaign feels more like the NFL strike year, with mostly replacement players, what with The Rona, all the injuries, cancellations and rescheduling of games. These variables have clogged the ear to the ground I normally have when it comes to handicapping games. It has turned into a Herculean effort, as the record shows. Inarguably, there’s lots of bad football out there; think the San Pedro Beach Bums versus a junior college for effect. Anyway, here’s to the losers… and your Cheesy Bruin’s FREE NFL Picks.

FREE NFL PicksIn watching the sports ticker items on the bottom of the television screen one caught my eye as it related to the Dallas Cowboys. It appears “Merica’s Team” can possibly be starting Cecil Cooper or Rush Limbaugh or somebody along those lines at quarterback today against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. In thinking about the point spread on this game I had it pegged in the neighborhood of what the Chiefs were favored over the Jets last week (20) but oddly enough it isn’t near that mark even with a practice squad scrub going up against one of if not thee best defenses in the NFL. The Dallas/Philly Sunday Night affair had me sleeping about a half hour into the game last week. There’s little reasoning in placing a bet on the Cowboys. The Pick? Pittsburgh Steelers -14.5 over DALLAS COWBOYS

This selection is merely a law of averages type of selection, where I feel Seattle is overdue for an offensive dud of a game and the Bills defense is just the type that can slow a team down. The Hawks are thin at running back but Russell Wilson more than makes up for what can ail an offense. Throw in a Buffalo squad who often rallies at home in an underdog situation and is also due for a reversal of their most recent run of four sluggish games in a row. Add the dreaded early start for a left coast team for whatever that’s worth. The Pick? BUFFALO BILLS +3 over Seattle Seahawks

I have zero to base this pick on other than these two teams are a few of the worst and I don’t think Joe Dirt is at QB for the Cats this week and even if he was this bore of a game has no appeal so that’s why it goes over. Expect the unexpected! The Pick? Houston/JACKSONVILLE OVER 50.5

With a bit more of commitment to the run the Falcons have stopped the hemorrhaging and have fared better since their coaching change a few weeks ago. The Broncos have the hated Raiders on deck and I’d like to see if that rivalry withstands the move to Las Vegas. I can see this being one of those ground and pound games with ball control keeping the lid on the scoring. The Pick? Denver/ATLANTA UNDER 50

Speaking of ball control, comment below and come back tomorrow for @JunoirBlaber.

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