Preview: New York Giants vs The Philadelphia Eagles

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SPANISH HARLEM – The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing each other for the second time in as many weeks. Both teams are not where fans expected them to be. Fans in New York were hoping to see a better team than the one they saw last season but its a bit of the same, if not worse. Us Eagles fans had high hopes for the season but injuries, specially to the offensive line, has derailed any plans of having a magical season. No team in this division deserves to make the playoffs but some team in the NFC East has to win it. So here we are, having to watch two bad teams try to win games.

Let’s start with the Giants.

Daniel Jones has looked good in spurts but overall he is still making the same dumb decisions he made last year. At times, he has cost his team the game but he comes into this game with some confidence. The Washington Football Team is no push over, as a division foe or otherwise. Washington has a great young defense that can really bring some pressure and Jones still did what he had to do to get the win. The Giants defense is underrated in most circles but I’m sure fans aren’t complaining about their defense with so many things to frustrate them. They will be looking to get a win again on Sunday if they want to stay in the hunt.

Now… on to my favorite team.

The Philadelphia Eagles.

If there was one thing I could be most disappointed about so far this season, it’s the play of Carson Wentz. It’s been really hard to watch at times. One minute he is holding the ball too long and getting sacked or fumbling, the next he is making throws that not many can make in this league. That’s why it’s so frustrating to see Wentz play. He has more interceptions this season already than he had all in the prior two seasons… COMBINED. Just when I think it’s time to bench him, he pulls an Iggle rabbit out his a$$. I don’t understand it but if we win this division, it will because he corrected the mistakes he’s had made up to this point.

I won’t make a prediction but of course I want the Eagles to win. The Giants should of won that first match-up but the Eagles got lucky and Wentz led an impressive drive to close the game. Part of me still wants to make the playoffs, even though I know we won’t go far. Another part of me wants to keep losing to get better draft position. The Eagles are an old team and at some point you need to restock the talent around you. Either way, this season is looking, you might be able to do both.

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Daniel_Jones, Carson_Wentz, Philadelphia_Eagles, New York Giants, Buddy Diaz, Meet_The_Matts

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