Brutal Knicks’ Losses, Juwan Howard Stock and Jay Bruce Makes The Team

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SPANISH HARLEM – There were a couple of things that got my attention this week in sports and for good reason. We are ever closer to the start of the baseball season and more than half through with the NBA

Buddy Diaz (sexy, pouty)

Can’t forget about March Madness, especially when you consider we didn’t have a tournament last year. So get excited about what’s to come and soak in my rant.


It has been a rough week for the Knicks. They lost a close game to their crosstown rivals, the Brooklyn Nets, and wore down in the 4th quarter against the Philadelphia 76’s. Going home with the win in one of those games would have been exhilarating. Both teams are among the elite in the conference and they showed heart in coming back from a big lead against Kyrie Irving and James Harden. That game seemed like a blow out in the making but the Knickerbockers fought back and almost stole a big win… but you could tell it took its toll on the guys. The next night they would lead throughout most of the game, only to get their hearts broken.


I love what Howard has done with the men’s Michigan basketball team in his first year. This was a guy that couldn’t get a head coaching job in the NBA and now is a hot commodity. No one expected Michigan to be this good and he is getting the praise he rightfully deserves. When he got the job, most people were surprised that he was the person hired but those in the inner NBA circle knew his love of the game and his unique relationship with players were special traits that were overlooked. He has this team playing as well as anybody in the country and they are among the favorites to make the Final 4. GO BLUE!


If you read the headline, you make think I have advance knowledge of what the New York Yankees will do with their extra roster spot… I don’t. It’s merely a prediction. His lefty power bat is something the front office has sought for some time now. He can play first base and the corner outfield, so he has some versatility, though rather limited when you think about it. Some of the Yankees best players are entrenched in the very positions that he plays but you never know when injuries will occur. Probably the safest bet to make the team over the MIKEs, Tauchman and Ford.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for Different Matt.

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