The Curse of Robbie Cano & Worst Mets Trades, Starting Pitchers Go Bye-Bye

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“I want to bury our opponents, each and every night. And what really bugs me is when I give away at-bats, or if I don’t execute on what I’m trying to do, just because, like what I just said, I want to win.”

HOUSTON, TX – There are certain moments in history that define people, governments, countries and in this case, sports teams or leagues. Here, all that matters is the latter – the rest is just hooey. With that, let’s get to today’s’ slate, which expands on the above quote: The Curse of Robbie Cano, Starting Pitchers Go Bye-Bye.

The Curse of Robbie Cano
There have been some really bad deals in the history of sports but unfortunately for yours truly and fellow fans of the New York Mets, some doozies have set the franchise back repeatedly:
Nolan Ryan for Jim Fregosi
Amos Otis for Joy Foy
Rusty Staub for Mickey Lolich
Tom Seaver for a bag of rejects from The Island of Misfit Toys
Jeff Kent & Jose Vizcaíno for Carlos Obed Ortiz Baerga, whose head is as big as Mr. Met’s – literally, not figuratively.



As per the brain-trust of the now-exiled Brodie Van Wagenen and Jeff Wilpon, the Jay Bruce and a phenom trade for Robinson José Canó and Edwin Orlando Díaz Laboy looks to be the worst ever. See, the quote up top is from a 21-yearold kid after his 2nd #MLB game. Sure, it may sound a bit cocky (kind of Gregg Jeffries-ish) but it came after a 3-4 night that included a HR, 2 doubles, 3RBI and a couple of runs scored. Maybe he’s more Pete Rose cocky than Jeffries cocky, which would be ironic, as Jeffries said he would best Rose’s hit total. Irregardless Regardless, how great must Angry Ward feel about this Jarred Kelenic injecting life into his moribund Mariners?! Meanwhile, us Mets fans have a 2022 Cano comeback to look forward to and Dom Smith playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey in left.

Starting Pitchers Go Bye-Bye

It won’t be long before we look at MLB starting rotations structured with one guy pitching 5+ innings in the same way we look at footage of NBA games before jump-shots. How dumb does that set-shot look? We’ve been seeing the migration, mostly out of necessity as per the dearth of healthy/quality starters, become a little more pronounced in the last 2 seasons. The Tampa Bay Rays have been the torch carriers thus far, giving a live Power-Point presentation during the #COVID Cup (2020 World Series). They used a predetermined number a pitchers with defined roles, before ultimately misusing their one, true link with The Ghost of Starting Pitchers Past, Blake Snell. Side Note: You need to bark out his name in a German accent, by the way, particularly on a Petco Park beer line. They love it…

Anyway, the next generation of baseball fans, if that’s what they will be called after their parents destroyed the game by turning into some different game, will giggle at the notion of one pitcher throwing [gasp] 90 pitches or tossing more than two innings… Nice work, Current Generation. You suck moose balls.

Speaking of moose balls, come back tomorrow for Cheesy Bruin, who will NOT be listening to moi do the play x play for the Houston SaberCats vs the Toronto Arrows on tonight at 8PM ET.


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