Atlanta Steals Game 1, Clippers Take Game 3 & What To Do With Ben Simmons

SPANISH HARLEM – We are down to the final four in the NBA Playoffs. The winners of this round will meet in the NBA Finals. We are not there yet but who would thought that the Suns or the Hawks would get this far. They both are young teams with great players but definitely not who you would thought of as title contenders. Probably not what the league wanted but that’s where we are.

Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young has been the best player to watch in the playoffs so far. Just when you think he can’t play any better, he gets you 48 points and 11 assists. His pick and roll game is excellent and the moment you key in on him, he throws an alley oop to a open player. If you give him space in the on drives, he floats the ball in without hesitation. He is almost unstoppable and when you think he is barely over 6 feet, it makes your scratch your head as to how he might one of the best point guards in basketball.

Los Angeles Clippers

Buddy Diaz

Give this team credit, even without Kawhi Leonard, the Clippers are still playing at a high level. They lost the first two games to Suns but almost stole game 2 in Phoenix and needed a tip at the last to get the win. When you think that home teams are supposed win their games, you don’t feel as bad for the Clippers as they headed home to take game 3 in Los Angeles. They played great defense on Devin Booker and though Chris Paul came back for game 3, he didn’t have the type of impact you want from your second best player. This series feels like it will go 7 games with Leonard lurking in the shadows.

BenĀ Simmons

Man, does it suck to be Ben Simmons right now. After his terrible series against Atlanta, he is the most hated person in Philly and that city doesn’t play any games when it comes to their teams. I honestly think his time there is done. I would surprised if he is still on that team next season. There were already people that believed he wasn’t a good fit with Joel Embiid and those voices will only get louder. Simmons needs a fresh start with a new team because we all saw what type of team they are when he is on the floor.

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