Big Ben Tuesday: Observing Hawks vs 76ers and Golden Knights vs Canadiens

Where is le puck?

STAMFORD, CT – Back from a hockey tournament in Atlantic City and I am only partially recovered. I should be okay by tomorrow, but my wallet will need a few more weeks. The marquee action on Monday night was the Hawks vs 76ers in the NBA and Golden Knights vs Canadiens in the NHL. I have a few observations.

Hawks vs 76ers

Trae Young is good, but does he have to bitch about every single call/non call? It’s so easy to hate guys that think they were fouled on every single play.

Bodganvich forgot how to shoot since the Knicks series. That guy went from assassin to the guy who came out of the bathroom shooting at Vince and Jules in Pulp Fiction.

Does Embiid always settle for this many three pointers? He looks banged up in the second half. Maybe the Hawks have a shot.

With the Nets injury situation and Embid one play from coming out, this was the perfect scenario for the Knicks to sneak into the Finals. You know, if they had beaten the Hawks.

A guy named Furkan Korkmaz just hit a big three. I definitely heard of him before tonight and know exactly what country he’s from.

Speaking of the Nets injury situation, I don’t think they can win without Irving and Harden. But, I think they’d have a chance with a healthy Spencer Dimwitty.

The Hawks pull it out. The series is tied and headed back to Philly. Embiid’s health is a major concern for the Sixers.

Golden Knights vs Canadiens

Ben Whitney

The Canadiens have been surprisingly effective but this Golden Knights team is a wagon, especially in Vegas. Man, I have to get to a game there someday.

It surely was a huge mistake for the Penguins to let Marc-Andre Fleury go. That guy is going to hoist another cup while the Pens got bounced early again, due in no small part to mediocre goaltending.

Speaking of Fleury, did he shave his little chin goatee and just go mustache? He looks like The Inspector from the Pink Panther. Too old a reference you say? No, not for this site.

And speaking of guys who don’t look like hockey players, Montreal has Brendan Gallagher. The man is five foot nothing with a glaring bald spot. He more looks Gallagher, the comedian. I’m only going for references that people born before 1970 will understand.

Speaking of short guys, Cole Caufield just got the Habs on the board. He’s the rookie that made the ridiculous pass on the goal that eliminated the Leafs. He has the typical prep school hockey name, but this kid is going to be good. Teams will regret passing over him because of his size.

Nothing against the Canadiens, but it would a massive disappointment if the Knights somehow don’t make it to the finals. It doesn’t matter if the Islanders or Lightning get through on the other side, the Finals will be great with the Knights against either.

It’s 3-1 Vegas, but Price is making some ridiculous saves through two periods. I don’t think he’ll be enough though.

I guess that’s it for me. Come back tomorrow for Angry Ward, who was passed over for his size when he tried out for the Harlem Globetrotters. Follow us on Twitter at @benwhit, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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