New York Yankees Streak to 11 Wins, Back Into Contention

SPANISH HARLEM – After an off day yesterday, the New York Yankees look to continue their winning ways in Oakland. It isn’t easy to win 11 straight¬† games and by no way was it made easier on Tuesday, with Aroldis Chapman looking like a man lost on the pitchers mound. You can say it was thrilling but in all the worst ways possible. Considering that the Yanks have had their up and downs this season, let’s look at the reasons why they have turned their season around for the best.

Balanced Lineup

I’ll be the first to say that having more lefty hitters on team was not as great of a concern for me than having guys in the lineup that make consistent contact. Well now, I can honestly say I was wrong. Adding Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo has done wonders for this team. Other teams have to match up better with a balanced lineup and it puts pressure on the manager to make a decision on who to go with in the latter innings of a close game. No longer can you stack up your best right handed pitchers on the Yankees because they have left handed hitters that you can will make you pay.

Buddy Diaz

On Tuesday, Ben Whitney made some good points on Rizzo and why he should play over Luke Voit and its hard not to agree with his logic. Rizzo has the superior glove and there is something that should be said for someone that makes the game easier for his fellow players in the infield. No longer do you worry when you see a ball hit the dirt on its way to first. You expect him to make every play and I for one hope the Yankees bring him back. I got spoiled with the Yankees having some of the best fielding first basemen during fandom. Case in point, that bang bang play by Andrew Velazquez to Rizzo that ended the Boston Series sweep.

Starting Pitching

The starting pitching was a big question mark to start the season and while they have had their up and downs, that has changed of late. The main guy, Garrit Cole has been good but not great and when you add the lost of pitchers like Corey Kluber, Domingo German, among others. You could see why this recent stretch has been surprising. Guys like Jameson Taillon stepping his game up and Luis Gil filling in more better than expected, the starting pitching had been the biggest reason the Yankees have played so well. When you consider how unpredictable the bullpen has been, the starters have kept this team in games.

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